My Top 10 Black Blogs!

I feel it’s only right to start my blog off paying homage to those that inspire me. So here are my top ten favorite African-American Bloggers. My #1 blog hands-down has got to be Very Smart Brothas. However, the rest of the blogs on this list are in no particular order.

1. Very Smart Brothas– The Champ and Panama Jackson’s unrelenting wit is unparalleled and you’re sure to get your daily dose of chuckles. ::CAUTION:: Laughing out loud is inevitable, so reading this at work may not be such a good idea.
2. That Good Good Blog – I swear we’re musical soulmates.
3. Black ‘n’ Bougie – Best blog post series EVER.
4. Afro Bella – Fashion and beauty blog classic.
5. So Furious – Kid Fury’s blog and Youtube channel are a guilty pleasure.
6. K is for Kinky – Not only is the blog awesome for natural haircare, you’ll love saying the name.
7. The Urbane Urbanite – An interesting lifestyle blog. Plus, I like him because he’s urban.
8. Your Music My World – Gotta stay fresh on my music.
9. Brothers With No Game – It’s always nice to get a man’s perspective.
10. For Colored Gurls – A great blog that empowers us mocha chics.

So those are my faves. What are YOURS? Do you read any of these on the daily? Let me know.



5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Black Blogs!

  1. I can definitely vouch for Very Smart Brothas (hilarius + truth) and For Colored Gurls (GC fam!). I think Afrobella & I follow each other on Twitter, lol. Good post.

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