2011 Billboard Music Awards “Why Beyonce is WINNING”

Sleepy but completely awake from a late night convo, I decided to check out Beyonce’s performance on last night’s Billboard Music Awards. Probably a bad choice of artists to wind-down to, but we’re just gonna keep it moving.

Now I’m not a Beyonce fan. I think there are many, many…many more talented vocalists out there. And one better dancer *cough* Ciara *cough*.  However, there is not a more bold, trendsetting and seasoned performer (in her age group) than Beyonce. Period.

Love her. Hate her. I bet you tried to learn the choregraphy to ‘Single Ladies’ have an opinion about her and when she drops her upcoming album ‘4’, you’ll put in your two cents just like everyone else. Now if you don’t agree, that’s perfectly fine. Opinions are welcomed on here and stuff.  But before you pass judgment, I urge you to watch her performance below at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. At which she was also honored for her many achievements by receiving their coveted Millennium Award.

I suggest watching her performance first. Then try not to fall asleep while you quickly lose interest in all the others. I dare you. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

See? She killed it. It’s as dead as Harold Camping’s creditability. I especially enjoyed her use of technology. Way to change things up a bit! The thing about Beyonce is she’s the one setting the bar. So to see her constantly strive to raise her own standards is admirable.  The look on the faces of her peers after her jaw-dropping performance was a mixture of awe and inadequacy. They all realized that Beyonce is competing with no one but herself. They’re not even contenders.

Everything Beyonce does is strategic. From her marriage to her image. Take a glance at her red carpet look.

photo by Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com - May 22, 2011

This diva is known for her elaborate gowns. Yet the night she’s being honored, she chooses to wear a simple black dress that looks embellished by her childhood Bedazzler. Beyonce keeps is humble ya’ll.

Beyonce’s performance wasn’t the only video I checked out from the Billboard Music Awards. Here are some “honorable” mentions.

                                                                            Nicki Minaj

photo by Isaac Brekken/GettyImages.com - May 22, 2011

What? Now we don’t buy wigs that have the roots touched up? Le sigh.

I say this will all the love and kindness a Barb can muster. Nicki step yo game up! For reasons that I’d rather not discuss right now, I’m a Nicki Minaj fan. Okay…Maybe it has something to do with her girlish style of rapping, hilarious facial expressions and that fake British accent. But you didn’t hear it from me.

I was really disappointed by her performance. I know she’s no Beyonce or Ciara, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. But I just feel she’s capable of more than being a clever lyricists and a big butt. Or maybe that’s just me. At any rate, it was…eh, cute. And I see where she tried to pull a ‘Slim Shady’ and dress all of her back-up dancers to look like her. But truthfully, that look works for Nicki (And only Nicki). It didn’t work for them and it doesn’t work for the .05% of Black women trying to rock it.

And then there was….

Britney Spears

This will only take a second. Now you know it’s bad when you can’t get your own performance (and right before your tour no less!) but they let you have two lip-synced cameos that  last a mere one minute thirty seconds combined. SomebodyIS really holding it against you, huh Britney?

Well that’s all I’ve got Kiddies (because that’s all I was willing to watch). Did you watch last night’s Billboard Music Awards? What did you think of the Queen B’s performance? What say you?

– J. Clarice


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