Back with a Vengance

Zoe Saldana in the upcoming action-packed thriller COLUMBIANA. Love her! Can't wait to see it!!

Hello Kings & Queens!

So instead of coming up with these semi-long blog post that cause HUGE lapses in time, I’m opting for a more practical route from now on. I frequent my favorite blogs, articles, and YouTube channels on the daily. As a matter of fact, that has replaced my need for TV. I would rather watch a video from Dulce Candy or read Miss L. Bailey’s blog than watch Basketball Wives.

I learn so much from all these YouTube Gurus that I subscribe to. And this is one of the reasons I know so much about so many random things. I research everyday! Not because I have to, but because I have a passion for staying current and informed on all things FABULOUS.

So in lieu of  long posts, you will see SEVERAL short post throughout the day on whatever has caught my eye in that 24-hour time span. Now of course there will be the occasional review or rant, but I’ll be putting most of those on Fahrenheit 247. Until next time…

Keep Rockin’ like a Royal,

-J. Clarice


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