Black Ivy League Fashion

This is the project that made me fall in love with the 'Street Etiquette' Style. Click the picture to watch behind-the-scenes footage!

“We are the intellectual prep, preparing the steps for success dressed in attire that evidently reflects an inner drive that can rival a sustenance farmer cultivating his harvest. So we sew the ivy, invoke our flavor and reap cool…

In a form pure and unblemished. Never yet always fabricated. A riddle that explains our genuine character simultaneously underlining the attention we have given to style and fabrication. A league of extraordinary gents that represent the roots of Howard, Morehouse, Spelman to present a spellbinding, riveting, visual display of the refined, re-introduced cultured male. Pledging to learn for eternity, refusing negativity to define me. Session one, year one. Class begins with the Black Ivy.”

-Joekenneth Museau


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