Try It Trends: Get These NOW

Hey Fashion Royals!

Thought I’d share with you my Top 5 Try It Trends for this Fall. Some are new, and some are old…but I just can’t let them go!

1. Ombre ANYTHING- From nails to dresses to hair, Ombre has gradually shown that it is here to stay.

2. The Statement Necklace- A chunky well designed necklace can make a t-shirt and jeans red carpet ready.

3. Gladiators- This shoe style has managed to stay relevant for quite some time now. It ranges from demure and classy to flashy and extreme. No matter where your pair falls, it’s sure to make a statement.

4. Envelope Clutches- Gone are the days of the mini clutch. Life is busy, and I don’t have time to contemplate what 3 essential items I need to bring. Spacious envelope clutches are a God-sent! Not only can I bring everything I need, but now my boyfriend doesn’t have to carry my extra tube of lipgloss.

5. Unconventional Blazers- Play around with Lace, Metallics, Sequins and more! Nothing takes you from day to night faster than a whimsical or well structured blazer.

Trend Alert: Get These NOW

Ali Ro embellished dress
$156 –

RED Valentino flannel jacket
425 –

Sara Berman clutch bag
$477 –

Barse bronze jewelry
$40 –

Nicole Romano lace jewelry
$345 –

Dannijo jewelry
655 –

Fiona Paxton chain jewelry
$350 –


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