Dress for Less: Never pay full price again!

Hey there Fashion Royals!

So I was out today looking for my fashion unicorn- the long-sleeved mini dress. After scouring Lenox Mall, Phillps Plaza and all of the surrounding Buckhead area for it, I was starting to lose hope. I didn’t find what I wanted,  but I did find my outfit! Unless of course I find my fashion unicorn at the last minute, lol. With the help of the sales ladies at Arden B, I had a complete outfit before I knew it! So what did I get?

A chiffon one shoulder blousant dress featuring an ombre color print body. It has a asymmetrical banded neckline and elastic cinched waist with a single long split sleeve that features a tie accent. Originally this dress was $89. I got it for $15! I’m a barganista to the CORE…If you didn’t know, you better ask somebody!

Now to contrast this lovely ombre dress, I paired it with some outrageously gorgeous grey leather heels by Circa Joan and David. I found these earlier in the day at the DSW store located in the Buckhead Loop. Not only is their selection great, but it’s right next door to T.J.Maxx which is one of my favorite stores. Anyway, take a look at what a little strategic shopping can do for you. Their retail price demands $120. But after finding them in DSW’s clearance section for 40% off of $94.94 AND adding my 3 coupons equaling $25…I got them for the grand total of $31.96!!!

Luckily I’m a naturally chatty person, so when I was gushing about the deal I got at DSW and how I wish I could wear the shoes with this dress, the ladies asked to see them. Of course I didn’t have them on me, but I did just so happen to take a picture of them with my iPhone.  The minute I showed them and they got over the initial shock of how breathtaking the shoe is (teehee), they quickly pulled a necklace off display .Looking at all the pieces seperately, you would’t think they would compliment one another. But that’s what I love about fashion. It’s full of surprises and the rules are always changing!

Not only did the necklace tie in both pieces perfectly, but it’s ridiculously versatile and I’ll be using again and again. But WAIT! There’s more!! It was on sale too! Are you ready for this? Marked down from $34 to….*wait for it*….$4.99!!! I swear it was meant to be.

The accessories are what tie an outfit all together.

The final look!

I’ll pair it with a large envelope clutch like the ones that I’ll be debuting on my website soon! YAY!! In an upcoming blog post, I’ll show you how I paid $51.95 for an outfit that would have originally cost me $243! Until next time…

Live Royally,



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