Christmas Gifts…For Him

Oh Royals how I’ve missed thee!

Tis’ the season and Christmas is fast approaching! And like clockwork, we’re all in the same yacht together. I don’t know about you, but getting something meaningful for all the special people in my life without breaking the bank can be quite a challenge. However, in this post I won’t be bias. I’m making two sets of suggestions. One is called ‘BANK’ for all my ballin’ Royals (Gifts $250 and up). The other is called ‘BROKE’ for my Royals who have already blown through their trust-fund (Gifts less than $100). Whether you have racks on racks on racks or your bank account looks just plain ra…..ggedy, I have something for everyone!

Christmas Gift...For Him

  •  iPad 2: The iPad is the hottest gadget on the market right now and men love themselves some gadgets. Shout out to the Inspector. Any device where he can mix business with pleasure is on the top of his list guaranteed.
  • Dr. Dre Beats: Everyone loves music. And nothing is better than listening to it the way the producers intended. Monster makes the best “in ear speakers” and headphones around. So go ahead and fuel his obsession with sound. (Hey! That rhymes!)
  • Rolex Presidential Watch: To make sure your CEO always gets there in a timely fashion (pun intended). Get him a Rolex Presidential watch. Just make sure you get it engraved- This is the type of gift he’ll pass on to his son.
  • Aston Martin: Honestly you have several options…Aston Martin…Bentley…Mazarati….If it’s fast, low to the ground, costs more than $100,000 and doesn’t require a key to start- you should get nothing but smiles every time he pulls out of the garage.
  • Plane Tickets: NYC, Puerto Rico, Tokyo, Dubai or California. The possibilities are endless. Nothing says, “I love you” like a gift that encourages someone to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Yankees Baseball Cap: Well clearly this cap doesn’t cost more than $200. So what am I trying to say here? Buy his favorite team of course! Yes I know I’m ridiculous, lol. But if you got it like that…spend it. It’s one thing to be a fan. It’s a whole other story to be the fan that writes their checks.
  • Xbox Kinect: From what I’ve heard, this game is awesome. I’ve never played it myself, but I do know that most men love video games…and toys in general. Let them know they don’t have to grow up. It’s okay to be a Toys-R-Us kid every now and then.
Christmas Gifts...For Him II
  • Tickets: Whether it’s to see his favorite band, artist or team, he’ll be talking about it for months to come.
  • Essentials Gift Basket: Fill it with socks, a pair of pajamas, a robe, undershirts/wife-beaters and underwear. Trust me…He needs some new ones. Badly.
  • Fast-food Gift Card: Men love to eat. A gift card to his favorite fast-food place is fool-proof and will be greatly appreciated.
  • Subscription: The gift that keeps on giving! Get him a one or two year subscription to his favorite magazine. This is a great inexpensive gift ($10-25) for all the special men in your life and it’s automatically personalized. And in case you were wondering (and I know you are)…NO, I wouldn’t get anyone a subscription to Playboy. However, I did say I’d have something for everyone, lol.
  •  Airplane: No not an actual model airplane. It represents an experience. Maybe he’s always wanted to go skydiving or white water rafting. Give him an adventure he’ll never forget.
  •  Gym Membership: All men want to look nice for the ladies.So get him a gym membership- you’ll both reap the benefits. If he already has one…renew it!
  • Phone: Is his contract up for renewal? Tell him “Partna, partna let me upgrade you!” and get that new Droid/iPhone he’s been drooling over.

Well my Loves, that’s all I’ve got! And fellas, don’t think I forgot about you. “Christmas Gifts…For Her” is coming up next! So what do you all think? Did this help you out? What gift ideas do you have for this Christmas? ‘Tis better to give than receive!!

Happy Holidays,

J. Clarice


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