All I Want for Christmas is You…And All This.


All this “Christmas gift suggesting” got me to thinking about what I want for Christmas. Honestly this is just my ultimate wish list. I’d want these on any occasion. So if you’re thinking of dropping a small fortune on me…lol.

  1. Grey ‘Bailey’ Ugg Boots- Yes, they’re slightly ugly, but I have grown to love them. The pair of Uggs I have from college are still going strong. Thanks Mom!
  2. Cavalia II: Odysseo- I saw the first Cavalia when I was living in Chicago. Hands down this is THE BEST show you will ever see in your lifetime. It’s breathtaking. I have to see the second one.
  3. Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Artsy MM- I’m in love with this handbag. The craftsmanship is stunning and it will go with everything. Not to mention it will hold all my stuff. I love a big bag. Strangely, I also feel loyal to this company. My Aunts have been rocking this brand since the 70s. I definitely plan on following in their footsteps.
  4. Sean John Empress- This smells glorious! Every time I smell it, I feel like I rule the world.
  5. Michael Kors Watch- Who doesn’t want a Michael Kors watch?? It seems to be on everyone’s wish list. This rose gold version is divine.
  6. iPad 2: No more needs to be said. This gadget is legendary.
  7. A Birchbox Subscription- If you don’t know what this is, check out my latest blog post: Christmas Gifts…For Her.
  8. Urban Decays Naked Palette- I’ve wanted this palette for over a year now. Why I haven’t bought it for myself is a mystery. Check out my review here.
  9. Tiffany & Co. Necklace- Again, something I’ve wanted for a long time (try 3 years). It’s called the Elsa Peretti® Bean® pendant. And if you know me personally, then you know why I love this. It comes in a variety of metals and precious stones. It is said that “the bean” represents the origin of all things. ::UPDATE:: My amazing boyfriend surprised me with this for Christmas!! And the fact that he takes the time to read all my blog posts was just as touching. The necklace is more beautiful in person and the message I received with it made my heart melt. Oh how I love him so ;-)
Christmas Wish List

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