How To Look More “Put Together”

Get It Together Royals!

I was recently looking through InStyle, which is one of my favorite fashion magazines and I saw a poll that said 38% of their readers wanted to look more “put together” in 2012. So that got me to thinking…How does one go about looking more put together exactly? I know. But I’m sure that 90% of the people that said that was their goal have no clue of how to actually do it. You can have an unlimited budget and access to the greatest fashion houses this world has to offer- If you don’t know how to use all that privilege and power then you might as well go around in sweats. Here are my 3 major tips on how to look more “put together” in 2012.


This should be a given, but when it comes to having a phenomenal wardrobe, quality is everything. The reason why so many people miss this component is because quality is going to COST you. Fortunately, I have a solution for you. Utilize all the websites and stores I’ve been telling you about to get it for less! A salesperson once told me that at any given moment, 70% of retail is on sale. Translation? Shame on you for paying full price! The way I look at it, the more I save…The more money I have to build my ideal closet.

Websites and Stores to Check Out:

  • HauteLook (There are many other websites like this one)
  • T.J.Maxx (Recently I got a cream Lauren by Ralph Lauren Blazer that was originally $230 for $20 bucks!)
  • Marshalls
  • ALL Clearance sections (Stores like Nordstrom (Rack), Saks Fifth Ave & others have great clearance sections. Don’t be afraid to check them out because you ASSUME you can’t afford anything in there.)
  • RetailMeNot (Or websites like it. ALWAYS check to see if there are coupons/coupon codes you can use before buying at a store or online. The other day I was in line at Barnes & Noble and decided to get on my phone and check for a coupon code. I saved 20% off my order right then and there!)

TIP #2: Get EVERYTHING Tailored

This takes an average wardrobe and catapults it into a well put together wardrobe. Your clothes should fit you. Period. Every piece of clothing in your closet needs to look like it was made just for you. Many people limit tailoring to just suits, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Jeans, shirts, blazers and ALL pants need to be tailored. Another reason many people don’t do this is because tailoring can get expensive. My suggestion is to ask around and find someone who is willing to work with you. If you bring in enough pieces, they just may give you a discount.

TIP #3: STUDY To Show Thyself Approved

Although I greatly appreciate it, reading my blog isn’t enough. If you’re truly serious about building the closet of your dreams, you need to be inspired. Blogs and magazines are great for that. The reason why I know so much about fashion and beauty is because I study it. It’s my passion, so I gladly hit about 20 or so articles and a couple magazines EVERYDAY. I’m not saying you have to be that obsessed- but you do need to learn from the people who know fashion best. Even if you just get one yearly subscription, it will keep you current and inspire you again and again. One of these days I’ll do a tutorial on how I archive my favorite magazine articles to create my very own LOOKBOOK.

Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN and BE BOLD. Don’t let color, patterns or even OPINIONS scare you. This is your wardrobe and you can build it however you choose! All it takes is a little planning and patience.

So Royals…What are you planning to do to amp up your 2012 wardrobe? Share below!

Make It a Good Year,

J. Clarice


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