New Years Eve Do’s & Don’ts

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Royals,

New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays and I was sitting here thinking about what wisdom I could share on making this NYE your very best yet. Maybe you’ve never really celebrated New Years. Or maybe you have but you don’t quite know why it always seems to suck. Or maybe you have the time of your life every NYE and can co-sign some of the tips below:

DO Sparkle: For women, I think it’s imperative to add some type of sparkle to your ensemble. It can be your shoes, a dress or for the fashion faint of heart- a clutch or your nail polish. Something on you should cast a disco ball type of reflection when the lights hit it just right…

DO Shine: NYE is not the time to be fashion or personality shy. No matter where you are in your life or how many trails and tribulations you’ve been through in the past year, NYE is the night to say, “I’m still here! I made it through!!” So be determined to look your best and aim to get attention…the good kind.

DO Dress Appropriately:  I would love to get this all out in one post, but it isn’t possible. So in my next post (which I’ll probably put up with this one) , I’ll show you how to dress for whatever event you may be attending. What I will say is: NYE is a night to remember fondly. At no point during the night should you have to deal with severely aching feet or a dress you have to adjust every 25 seconds. If you know you’re going to be outside, bring a coat. I promise you can be cute AND comfortable.

DO Limit Your Alcohol:Yes I know you want to get 2012 wasted, but there’s no need to start the year off with regret and a New Years Eve kiss with Mr. Kohler. By all means drink! Just stay within your limit, keep hydrated and turn down that sketchy guy who you know darn well you’d never date. I know I sound like your mother, but it’s only because I care! Waking up with a fuzzy recollection of half the night and bad skin from being too drunk to remove your makeup is not a cute way to start the year off. Just sayin’…

DON’T Kiss a Stranger: It’s 2011 about to be 2012 people. Not only is kissing quite a personal and intimate act, but everybody’s mouth ain’t clean! STD’S aren’t fairy tales. A kiss is not just a kiss. Besides, isn’t there that saying that whoever you kiss is who you’ll be with for the rest of the year? I say don’t go taking any chances.

DON’T Spend NYE Alone: Even if you just have ONE friend over and cook up a frozen pizza and nachos, spend NYE celebrating life with the ones you love. You have 364 other days that you can spend alone.

DON’T Go Broke: They say NYE is one of the most expensive holidays ever. People fly out of town, spend tons of money on hotels and alcohol- just for a 10 second count down. NYE is such a feel-good holiday that the hype can make you loosen the purse/wallet strings to the point that you take them off completely. Next thing you know you’re buying another round for you and all your “buddies” (ie…people you just meet an hour ago). Keep a cool head and leave yourself some money for Ihop in the morning.

DON’T Be That Girl/That Guy: The last thing you want to be on NYE is a pain in the butt. So no running off with strangers, public drunkeness/loudness/rudness or fighting. Your friends have supported you through thick and thin and they don’t deserve for you to rain on their parade. Leave the attitudes and depression at home. A fresh new year is upon you!

And last but not least….DO Have Fun!!

Let’s Make It a Good One,

J. Clarice


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