What To Wear: New Years Eve Outdoors

The year is rapidly coming to a close Royals!

So what will you be wearing when 2012 makes its glorious arrival? Me? Well that depends. If you’re struggling like I am for NYE outfit inspiration, then look no further. If you plan on braving the cold to watch any type of sphere-like object drop– I’ve got some ideas for you! HAPPYYYYYY NEWYEARRRRRR!!!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

This year my friends and I have decided to watch the Peach drop. We’ve had the opportunity to do this before now, but passed because none of us are too keen on face numbing weather conditions. I have a sneaking suspicion that each one of us suggested it thinking that we would quickly be shot down. Turns out we’re all game for anything this year. Who would have thought?!

Of course my first thought was, “What am I going to wear?” New Years Eve has traditionally been a night for me to get dressed to the 9’s and dance the night away. How can I stay warm without looking like an Eskimo?  If you’re like me and have decided to brave the cold, here’s some tips on how to stay warm and still look good if not down right sexy.

Tip #1: LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS!! – Make sure to wear an under, mid and outer layer. Several light layers are more effective than one or two bulky layers. I plan on wearing a tank top, long-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved sweater with a cowl neck, short-sleeved sweater and then a coat. To all that, I’ll add a scarf, gloves and a faux fur trapper hat. Under my jeans, I’ll most certainly be wearing fleece-lined legging that will keep me nice and warm.

NYE Outfit Guide: Baby It's Cold Outside

Tip#2: CHOOSE YOUR FABRICS WISELY – Wool will keep you warmer than anything and faux fur lined outerwear will become your best friend. Shearling gloves and boots like Uggs (that are made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside) are better alternatives than their satin or cotton lined peers.

Tip# 3: EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY- Keeping warm when it’s cold is not just about what you put ON your body. What you put IN your body can make a difference too. Eating a hearty meal before you head outside will help to keep your body temperature stable as it gets colder. And don’t underestimate the power of a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Keep a thermal mug near by!

Keep It Toasty,

J. Clarice


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