What To Wear: New Years Eve Party

Let the countdown begin Royals,

One of my favorite things to do is dance my way into a new year. I shake off the old one I’m leaving behind and celebrate the new one just around the corner. Seeing as how many of you will be participating in this time-tested ritual, I have a few tips on how to look your best. These outfits can carry you from the house party to the hottest dance floor…

NYE Outfit Guide: We Like to Partyyy!

Tip #1: Glitter or sequin ANYTHING. From your nails to your shoes to you clothes….Something should make a statement. Pair a sparkly top with leather skinny jeans or dark wash denim. Throw on a blazer for warmth and pair with simple pumps or high heeled sandals. Normally fashion is like singing groups, there can only be ONE star. But tonight is for breaking some fashion rules. Although that sequin dress above is giving me LIFE right now, NYE is the only time you can pair it with some colbalt studded pumps that are clearly throwing SHADE. Yaaaaassssss! Loves it! However, if you’re too shy for all that attention you can swap out one for the other. Don’t forget that sequin skirts and shorts make the list too.

Pair sequin shorts with a long-sleeve flowy blouse or a solid tank and blazer. If your skirt is fitted, you have the same options as you do with the shorts- just with or without the blazer. It’s up to you! If your skirt is on the fuller side, stay away from flowy shirts as they’ll add unnecessary pounds around your middle.

Tip #2: Rock a teased ponytail this NYE! Not only does it show off your gorgeous face, but it’s more likely to still look good at the end of the night. If your hair is on the shorter side, go ahead and rock extensions for one night. Many beauty supply stores sell clip-ins or you can install it yourself. All you need is patience and some bobby pins.

Tip #3: Tonight is NOT the night to be subtle with make up. A smoky eye is just what this holiday calls for. Don’t limit yourself to just black either. Almost any color can be made into a smoky eye. My favorite smoky eye alternatives are the colors navy blue and plum. If you opt for a classic black smokey eye, don’t forget to use brown eye shadow to blend it out. I also love popping some glitter on top of my eyes for added sparkle. False lashes are also a must if you know how to wear them. If they’re too difficult for you to apply, try cutting them in half and sticking them just on the outer corners of your eye. If you still can’t get them to look right, then grab an eyelash curler and some good mascara like Maybelline’s Falsies and go to town! The eyes have it tonight, so leave the rest of your face neutral. Especially your lips…You’re in for a midnight kiss!

Well this is probably my last blog post of 2011. Thank you so much to everyone who follows me and has subscribed. I truly enjoy interacting with each and every one of you. It’s been a great year and next year will be even better. There are many, many exciting thing in the works for Uptown Urban. Stay tuned and have THE BEST New Years Eve EVER.

Much Love,

J. Clarice


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