Trend ALERT: Vision Boards

It’s my first post of 2012 Royals!

For some reason you always want the first post of the year to be phenomenal. In some way it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Now if you haven’t noticed, which I will assume that you have because I just know that you sit by your computer waiting for a new post to drop (hehe)…I didn’t post anything last week! Prayerfully, that will be the ONLY week this year that I’ll be able to say that. *fingers crossed* After much agony, I thought I would start the year off with a heart to heart….

The thing is: This year hasn’t started off exactly how I would have imagined. And I find myself wanting to gesso (artist term) the canvas of my life and start all over again. Christina Aguilera had it right. Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics. I want my life to be consumed by luxurious minimalism. Not a whole lot of clutter (literally and figuratively) or excessive habits. But a few basics that possess extraordinary quality. And I want this to span from my relationships to my wardrobe.

This is the year I stop waiting for things to happen and passively pursuing a bucket list of projects. I will pick THREE things and revolve this year around those goals. The FIRST slot is and will always be filled by God. But what specifically in my walk with God would I like to work on? Well 2012 will be dedicated to my LOVE walk. The greatest commandment is to love and faith doesn’t work without it. So I think that area is definitely worth developing.

SECOND is this blog.Where is Uptown Urban going? What is the vision that I have for my blog and what would I like to see it accomplish in 2012? Due to some recent events, I will have an abundance of time to write. So no excuse! You should be getting a quality blog post at least once a week. This blog is a great creative outlet for me and could open many doors. But more importantly, I hope to positively impact someone’s life one day. Last month I had over 800 views, which my boyfriend reminded me, was quite an accomplishment. I feel so honored that many people took the time to read my thoughts and ramblings. I’ve been told many times that I should make a living from this and I would feel extremely blessed to do so.

THEREFORE, I am actively pursing ways to bring in an income where my blog is concerned. Be it by way of advertisements or writing for other blogs/magazines. I think the greatest accomplishment one can have in this life is to get paid for their passion. I wish that on everyone and I plan on making it a reality in my life very soon.

THIRD is adopting “future” habits NOW. We all do it. “I’m going to (future tense) eat healthier, exercise, read more, network….blah, blah, blah.” And do we ever do it? Rarely. Or maybe we do it for a while and then we drop off after a few weeks/months. Not this year! If I say I’m going to eat healthy, then I’m going to start now. No soda for me please, I’ll have water. Habit is 100% repetition. Do something long enough and it will become your lifestyle. I hate working out…Especially alone. So am I going to lie and say I plan on hitting the gym 3 times a week? Heck no! I’m going to do sit-ups and walk until I feel motivated to do more. If nothing else, I’ll have nice abs come summer. And that’s a good honest start.

Now for the fun part: Everyone (including myself) lately has been into VISION BOARDS. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it’s sort of a pictorial representation of your goals and aspirations. Now you don’t have to put up pictures, but I feel like it’s more effective. I use a combination of writing things down and pictures. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s your board. It can keep you on track and help to solidify your dreams in your mind. I’m a firm believer that you must SEE (mentally) your future in order to SEE your future physically. Everything you see was first a concept in someone’s mind. And as the “creator”, it was their job to take what was in their head and manifest it into their hands.

How wonderful is that?! You and I were born with the ability to create our destiny! If you’ve never done a vision board, I encourage you to try it. If you have, What’s on your vision board? What dreams and goals are you willing to share with us? There’s no negative attitudes allowed here. My Loyal Royals are people who motivate and lift each other up. We’re each others biggest fans! And you can accomplish ANY and EVERYTHING you can imagine. So dream BIG!


The Best Is Yet To Come,

J. Clarice


One thought on “Trend ALERT: Vision Boards

  1. JClarice you definitely have the skills to make this blog a financial success. Your tips are phenominal. My vision board has my personal environment on it. I want my home the haven I envision in my mind this year. It’s already on the way.

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