The WORST Manicure I’ve Ever Had…(Part 2)

So where were we Royals?

Oh yes…My Raisin Men comeback tour manicure that looked a little something like this:

Just a hot mess....

The "Good" hand the nail technician called it...And sadly it was.

You all thought I was joking. It was bad. Real bad. So bad in fact that I reported them to CND. Creative Nail Design are the lovely people who invented the Shellac manicure. I filled out a formal complaint and got a call back from a representative about a week later. DeDe was a joy to work with and took my complaint very seriously. Which I loved! Between nail salons and my ever growing nail polish collection, I have spent quite a bit of money on my nails. CND definitely gets an A++ for customer service and a HUGE endorsement from Uptown Urban.

Any company who listens and watches over the integrity of their product like CND and DeDe did deserves our dollars if you ask me. When I got off the phone with DeDe, I felt as if CND was going to fly down from California in ‘Men in Black’ type suits and go knocking on The French Manicure’s door! I can’t stress enough how SERIOUS they took the offense. I was in awe. The most I expected was an automated reply. “Thanks for your feedback. We value your opinion.” That was NOT the case with CND. They even gave me a reference number…A REFERENCE NUMBER! Anyway…

After telling DeDe my story and how I reported them to Groupon (Oh yes I did Hun-ty!), she asked for my address so that she could send me a couple of their nail care products to get my digits back on track. How awesome is that?! I’m telling you it pays to be a righteous consumer. Don’t let anyone do you wrong. People work hard for their money and companies should be held accountable. In today’s economy, you can’t afford to give bad service or sell inferior products.

The two products she sent me are part of the CND Essentials line. I got a couple of tubes of their Cuticle Eraser A.H.A.(alpha hydroxy acid) Cuticle Treatment and several mini bottles of their Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner. I LOVE this stuff!! It has worked wonders on my nails and I carry them around with me everywhere I go. The Cuticle Eraser moisturizes and micro-exfoliates my cuticles, keeping them in check. The Solar oil is infused with a blend of light natural oils- Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond oil and Rice Bran oil. And it  absorbs into my nail beds like no other! It even penetrates my nail polish!! And that’s amazing and extremly important to me seeing as how I’m NEVER without nail polish on my nails. #TrueStory

I encourage you to pick them up from your local beauty supply to keep your nails in the best shape possible. So…Have you ever reported a company for their bad behavior/service? What was the outcome? I want to know! I refuse to spend my money where they don’t value the customer.

Fighting the Good Fight,



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