Friday Fashion Crush: June Ambrose


I’m so excited about a new addition to Uptown Urban! From the title you can tell that it’s going to be called ‘Friday’s Fashion Crush’. Every Friday I’ll feature a person who I feel has some serious crush-worthy fashion sense. Not only do I want to introduce you to the who’s-who of the fashion industry, but I hope to inspire you also! This week’s FFC is the fabulous June Ambrose! Stylist to music legends such as Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, P. Diddy and Jay-Z, June has carved a permanent place of influence in fashion.

“I started my company Mod Squad in 1994, completely self-managed,” the CEO recounts, “And it’s become a total creative service. It’s brand imaging—discovering the artist’s alter ego and building a lifestyle around it—the sheets, the fragrance, the luggage.” Her style-advice for the rest of us? “…women should think timeless and invest in quality that they can hand down. And you need a workable wardrobe: not just a bunch of stuff, but things that you really admire. I love to be able to just throw such things on and appear effortless…”

If that’s the type of style you’re looking for, then make sure you pick up a copy of her bestseller, ‘Effortless Style‘. Yeah, she an author too. And so Friday Fashion Crush worthy!!

Happy Friday,

J. Clarice


4 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Crush: June Ambrose

    • You have no idea. She’s my new fashion muse! She always looks so put together. AND she’s a mother of TWO…That’s her little girl in the picture. That’s the kind of fashionably fly woman I aspire to be one day ;-)

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