Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Back again Royals!

Like I was just saying about fashion- There are just some beauty mistakes we shouldn’t still be making…yet, we see them around us all the time. Or worst, we’re committing them! Everyone has the occasional mishap, but repeat offenders are not cool. Look over these 8 beauty blunders and make sure you haven’t adopted any of these bad habits!

#1 Nails

My Boyfriend will tell you, I’m a fanatic about nails. One of the first things I noticed about him was his hands. They’re bigger than mine (bonus), and his nails are always clean and neatly trimmed. He has some of the nicest hands I’ve ever seen on a man. I cannot stand dirty or long fingernails on the opposite sex. It makes me cringe and no man over the age of 25 should ever allow either of those things to take place.

The same thing goes for women. Now of course you can grow them out, but they should be neat and clean. Especially if you’re serving anyone food. Now this next thing is a mistake so many women commit. I remember at my old job, a Senior level Executive (who was pulling in well over six-figures) always had chipped nail polish. Her hair, make up and suit were all appropriate- But her nails always had this small dot of chipped-off polish on them. It made her look sloppy and unprofessional. If you’re nails are chipping…take the polish OFF.

#2  Ashy or Dry Skin/Chapped Lips

You should not look like you play in flour for a living. Unless of course you do and in that case, send some cupcakes my way! If you have a problem keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day, check out my recent article on how to get rid of dry skin naturally. I’ll also throw chapped lips in there too because I remember a few people back in college who were too lazy to regularly apply Chapstick. And then they had the nerve to apply lip gloss or (even worst) lipstick over it! We all suffer from chapped lips occasionally- myself included. However, that’s no excuse to not correct the issue. Exfoliate, moisturize and get those lips back in order.

#3 Un-kept Hair

Relaxed, Natural, Dreads, Weaves, Wigs, Straight, Curly…Whatever it is you do, keep it cute! Take care of your hair no matter how you wear it and remember that throwing in a quick weave or a wig on top will not not get rid of the problem. There are so many books, websites and avenues in which to educate yourself on hair care…use them.


Your lace front does NOT…I repeat does NOT look good on you. I’m sorry. No, I’m not looking at your head and no I don’t know you. But I can tell you that unless your lace front cost you a small down payment on a condo, it doesn’t look natural. You look like an extra in a Kung-Fu movie. Especially when you pull it back in that pony tail. Whoever went around telling women that a lace-front looked good on anyone other than Beyonce and RuPaul should be whipped with a belt while slipping and sliding on a floor cover in baby oil.

# 4 Bad Dye Jobs

A new hair color can create a whole new you. It can give you that extra something-something that you’ve been looking for. However, you’re at the age that you need to go to a professional. An at-home box coloring kit is great in theory, but usually what you’re looking for isn’t always that simple. And if you don’t think you’ll be able to maintain your new hair color, you might want to think about an alternative. Two inches of roots will not make you feel sexy. Ask your stylist for highlights or use the Balayage method instead. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that is designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing noticeable and obvious roots. Many celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen use this technique.

# 5 Unrealistic Contacts

For some, color contacts can be fun and give the person a whole new look. For most, it makes them look like Wesley Snipes in Blade– just plain scary. Try enhancing your eyes with a set of contacts that contain only flecks, they’ll enhance your eye color without looking so artificial. But if you’re looking to permanently change your eye color, there’s a procedure that will hit the U.S. in a few years. In about 20 seconds and  for $5,000 dollars, anyone with brown eyes will be able to turn them blue. A laser will remove the melanin in your iris, revealing the blue color underneath. And because the melanin in your eye does not regenerate, the procedure will be irreversible. Hmm…I say love what the good Lord gave you.

#6 Dingy Teeth

I don’t care if your teeth are straight or crooked, they shouldn’t be dingy. I get asked all the time how I keep my teeth so white. Crest Whitening Strips! They’re so simple to use and they really do work. You only need to do it about once a year and then maintain it with a good whitening toothpaste. This is especially important, if you’re a daily coffee, tea, or Coke/Pepsi drinker. They’ll cost you anywhere from $20- 50 dollars depending on how fast you want to whiten them. Check your local paper for deals and the $10 off coupon that Proctor & Gamble sends out every few months.

#7 Over-drawn/Over-plucked Eyebrows

There is no reason for you to walk around looking surprised all the time. I understand you may need to draw on your brows because they’re sparse or missing all together…Trust, I get that. Thanks to my Dad, I wasn’t blessed with the thickest eyebrows. Do like I do and opt for a less tattooed look. Either lightly fill in brows with a brow pencil using light hair-like strokes or fill in your brows with an eye shadow that is close to your natural color.

#8 Foundation That Doesn’t Match

I see so many women who wear foundation that doesn’t match the rest of their body or more importantly, their neck. This consequently has inspired an upcoming blog post that will help anyone find a foundation that matches their skin. And because I truly believe that department store foundation is a cut above the rest, I’ll be featuring a color match guide on M.A.C. foundations first. Be on the look out!

However, for those of you who prefer drug store foundation, here’s a tip on how to get your perfect match. Visit your local department store and get a foundation color match at a few of the beauty counters. Ask for a sample and match it against the foundations at the drugstore! Easy, right?

So tell me…What beauty mistakes are people too old to be making?

Live & Love Royally,

J. Clarice


7 thoughts on “Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Brilliant piece, all fantastic & very wise advice!! I’m in total agreement on all of those points, as even committing one of these beauty faux pas can make a really great look seem sloppy! Particularly agree with you about well-kept nails, & eyebrow maintenance – hate over-plucked & unnatural looking eyebrows!

    Also, one beauty faux pas I really hate, is very heavily applied lip-liner. I’ve really enjoyed reading this, & it is definitely crucial advice for all of us to follow!! xoxo

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