Single Ladies: What to Get Yourself For Valentine’s Day

That’s right my single and fabulous Royals!

I haven’t forgotten about you. Just beacuse I’m in a relationship now, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be single woman on Valentines Day. Any other day and you’re completely fine with being single. Heck, sometimes you’re down right thankful when you see what your friends are going through in their relationships. Yet on Valentines Day it’s like the whole world is saying that something is wrong with your life because you don’t have that “someone special” to share this ONE particular day with.

Well forget that! Regardless of whether you’re looking for someone or completely content with your singledom- you have to love yourself FIRST before you can share that love with anyone else. So get in love with you and make this Valentines the best ever.

Write Yourself A Love Letter

This day is all about appreciating yourself and what makes you so special. Buy yourself a Valentine’s card or take out some beautiful stationary and write out all the things that you love about YOU. The great thing about this activity is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes as women, we can get bogged down in the stresses of life and forget what make us so strong and great. Treasure this letter to yourself and anytime you’re feeling less than stellar and your confidence has taken a major hit- Whip out your love letter and take all that positivity in.


Maybe you’ve been on a diet for the new year or you’ve been sticking to a strict budget. Good for you! Goals are important and they make the world go ’round. But just for today, throw caution to the wind. Now, let me just say upfront to USE MODERATION. No need in indulging yourself so much that you throw all your hard work out the window. Just pick ONE (legal and non-harmful) thing to indulge yourself in. Go ahead and have that slice of pie and ice cream. Get that new blush you’ve been wanting or that pair of shoes. Make that appointment to get that blowout or massage. Whatever that one thing is, don’t feel guilty. Today is your day!

Unwind, Reflect & Relax

By now you should have a huge grin on your face…Not only on the outside, but on the inside too! Take the rest of the evening off to bask in your glow. Take your best pajamas, a comfy robe and grab your drink of choice. Light some candles and press play on the iPod. And if your lucky enough to have a tub to submerge into- get that water flowing. I suggest hitting up Lush for one of their infamous ‘Bubble Bars’. The bubbles will last much longer than you want to stay in the tub.

So what are you going to do for yourself on Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day,

J. Clarice


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