What to Get Her For Valentine’s Day

Well hello there my handsome Kings!

So you’re looking for gift ideas for your sweetie on Valentines Day, huh? Well unfortunately women aren’t as easy to shop for as men. Just like it’s not what you say as much as how you say it- It’s not what you buy, but the thought you put into it. So basically your goal is to buy and/or do something that’s unique to her and represents the love that you feel towards her. No pressure though. Now I can’t tell you exactly what to get her, but I can help you get those mental wheels turning so you can figure it out. And of course, there are a ton of links to get you started. Make sure you click on the pics too!

Who Is She?

If you don’t know the answer to this, then I’m going to assume that you just meet her and it’s not that serious. Your better off with something cute like chocolate, flowers and a teddy bear. But if you know your darling like I think you do, then this question is the answer to all your gift-giving frustration.

::For the Business Woman/Graduate Student/Busy Mother::

This woman needs A BREAK! A quiet evening full of pampering is just what those frazzled nerves ordered. Think a nice meal (it’s up to you whether you actually cook it yourself), a nice bottle of her favorite wine, a hot bubble bath (Check out LUSH’S Valentines Day Sets below) and a massage.

::For the Trend-Setter/Fashionista/Girly-Girl::

If you’re looking for a gift for this type of lady, appeal to her feminine side by contributing to her love of all things pretty. A statement necklace from Forever 21 or a boyfriend blazer will not only show her you have a great sense of style, but she’ll proudly tell every woman who compliments her that you picked it out. Another great idea are cosmetic brushes. One professional makeup brush can easily cost around $30-40. Sigma Beauty has a wonderful line of professional, travel and vegan brush kits.

::For the Thrill Seeker/Adventurous Woman/Cultured Lady:: These women are all about the experience. She’ll love something like a hot air balloon ride, wine/beer tasting, the ballet or tickets to a comedy show. Head on over to Groupon, Yipit or Living Social to see what deals are going on in an area near you.

::For the Down-to-Earth Chic/Sentimental Gal/Scrapbook Lover:: This type of woman wants something made from your own two hands. She’ll cherish a collage of pictures you’ve taken together or a hand-made bracelet. How about attending a BYOB painting class? If you’re truly not the arts and crafts type, try a mixtape. There’s something sweet and endearing about picking out a list of songs that remind you just of her.

JUST ADDED!!! A DIY nail polish rack! I think this idea is brilliant and any girl who loves nail polish would be over the moon if you made this for her. I know I would! I’ve inserted a video for your convenience ;)

So fellas…Did you get any ideas? Let me know if I can help!

Love Royally,

J. Clarice


4 thoughts on “What to Get Her For Valentine’s Day

  1. JClarice I don’t know if u have added this service to your biz but please please let my honey know that I would love a box of goodies from LUSH. Make my day. Great finds…Thx

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