Valentine’s Day Outfits for Men

Hello again my debonair Kings!

You didn’t think I forgot about you? Never! I’ve put together six Valentine’s Day outfits made to inspire. Just like with the ladies’ post, I didn’t include brands or pricing so that you won’t limit yourself. I mixed and matched staple pieces with a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit, so that hopefully you won’t have to pick up more than one or two pieces. The great thing about men and style is that a little effort goes a long way. Add a scarf or a cardigan and you’ll look instantly GQ. More than anything, how well your clothes fit will separate you from the little boys. If you’re new to fashion and have no idea where to start- Just print these out, take them over to your local mall and tell them, “Make me look like this.” ;-)

                      PRINCE OF PURPLE

                          LOVE & LEATHER

                 JUST  SPLASH OF COLOR

                    GENTLEMAN SUIT-OR

                   STATEMENT CARDIGAN

                     GREEN WITH ENVY

Let me know if this helped you out! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!!

Dress Royally,

J. Clarice


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