Mystery Solved: First Photos of Blue Ivy Carter!

Uptown Urban Royals….Meet the Princess of the Royal HipHop Family,

Jay-Z and Beyonce do things their way. The first photos of Blue Ivy Carter were released through little Blue’s very own Tumblr and her mother’s website. I have to admit, I though it would be months before they revealed pictures of the baby. I imagined the cover of People and the largest sum ever paid to a celebrity couple outside of Brad and Angelina. At just a few weeks of age, this kid has more online presence than most stars could hope for in a lifetime. Now I would be a lie if I didn’t say I was a little cautious before I clicked on the pictures, but….she’s adorable! And apparently the Knowles genes are strong. As if you needed more proof- prayer works people. More than anything, maybe this new family can get some peace!

Awww…Don’t you just love babies?

Live ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ Royally,

J. Clarice


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