Spring Trend ALERT: Tribal Prints & Neons

Did you miss me Royals?!

Well I missed YOUUUU!! Springtime is fast approaching. And although it’s still a bit nipply in most places, most of us fashion forwards are already getting our Spring wardrobe together. And because stores have already started making their seasonal transition, it won’t be too difficult to start picking up a few pieces. My rule of thumb is to always spend more money on quality items you see yourself getting a lot of use out of. When it comes to the trendier pieces, try a store like Forever 21 that has decent quality clothes and accessories for a great price. Now if you have no clue on how to build the perfect wardrobe, don’t worry- I plan on taking you on a step-by-step journey through many of my upcoming posts.

I’ve picked two Spring trends that have really caught my attention: Tribal patterns and neon colors. I am so in love with these trends right now and they will definitely be all up  and through my wardrobe this year! There’s something about it that lends edge to the simplest of outfits. If prints or bright colors scare you, I’ll show you how to slowly incorporate it until you feel comfortable. Tribal patterns also make layering extremely easy- just pick patterns within the same color range! Neon colors look amazing in both statement pieces and color blocking ensembles, so feel free to experiment!

**I’ve included “bold” (for those who walk on the wild side) and “subtle” suggestions (for the shy & meant to be worn alone).

tribal prints



How about you? Will you be taking this trend from the Spring 2012 runways to your closet?
Dress Royally,

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