Decorating on a Budget

Crazy, stupid excited about this post Royals!

In an effort to find a birthday outfit (and that’s a whole ‘other story…*sigh*), I found myself out and about last Friday. Along with my birthday outfit, I needed more LUSH herbalism facial cleanser– But because the Lenox mall location was out of everything (literally), I ended up at Perimeter Mall. Now what made me wander down to Bloomingdale’s is beyond me, but when I got there I got the shock of a lifetime. It wasn’t the fact that they were going out of business. Or the fact that everything in the store had been marked down to 30-70% off. It was the fact that they were selling everything that wasn’t nailed down! I’m talking furniture, display cases, department decorations, mannequins and all!!

When I saw this, I got mixed feelings of being overjoyed and slightly depressed. I was overjoyed because I saw so much potential and I know first hand what can be accomplished (decorating wise) with furniture like that. And I was depressed because I haven’t moved into my place yet and I had no where to store anything or a way to load it up!

I grew up around the amazing decorator and owner of Southern Interiors, so I’ve learned to think outside the box when it comes to home decor. There are these amazing warehouses that carry used hotel furniture and items like I found at Bloomingdales last week. And what’s so amazing about using these pieces for your home is you’ll be getting quality pieces of furniture that are not only unique, but much CHEAPER! All they ever need is cleaning, dusting and maybe some upholstery work.  And if you ask me, that’s a small price to pay. The fact that you can be creative and re-use something is not only fun but green! Below are a few pics I snapped and I’ll put my thoughts and the prices underneath (if I can remember). Be inspired!!

This is a wooden sign. That's actually the back. It would make a great jewelry and sunglasses tray! ($15)

These are miniature power lines! How cute would it be to hang earring, bracelets and necklaces on?? ($25)

I wish I would have gotten more of the detailing! I would get piece of round frosted glass cut for the top to cover-up the slight scratches. It would make a great entrance table!

Look at these chairs!!! $60/ each

Mirrored Desk...IN LOVE with this. It had a small break on the very bottom of one leg...So what?! I would have put it against the wall anyway. $99


These would make great nightstands and side tables!

FRAMED PICTURES....They ranged in price from about $5 - $50 And because a lot of them were fashion related, you know I wanted them all!

I really liked this canvas...

Look at all these bar stools! Very contemporary. $85/ each

These would make awesome bookshelves and they come with a lockable drawer at the bottom!

Look at all the tables! So many sizes and materials. That long red one really got my attention. Would make a great entrance table. Add a couple of lamps and a bowl for your keys...Place a mirror above and it'd be so chic!

Look at all the interesting accessories!

$50 each and sooo GORGEOUS! Not quite sure what I would have turned them into, but I would have thought of something!

This is the other side...Can you think of something to turn these into?

LOVE this display case! If you had a closet big enough...OH MY! Or maybe a contemporary twist to a bookshelf!

Hahahahaa!!! They even had rims (and disco balls)! Rims were $200/ each

Purse or hat rack!!

Wouldn't this display look awesome in a house?!?! And I love that it's made out of wood, metal and glass!

This is ridiculously FABULOUS to me. Couldn't you see that in the middle of my walk-in closet? I sure could!

This would make an awesome bistro table.

More chairs!

The ULTIMATE girly Christmas Tree. I need this in my life!!! $100

These wreaths were HUGE. So pretty!

Loved these chairs. They're so different! The seats and arms were a white vinyl.

These tall glass vases would look good with almost anything in them....Decorative balls...Sticks...Possibilities are endless!!

Honestly, this is just a fraction of the awesome stuff they had. According to the store manager, their last day will be March 31st and the discounts will increase as that date approaches. Everything is cash and carry/final sale. One of the sales associates told me that they bring new stuff to the floor everyday and every hour, so check back often! I didn’t get any furniture, but I did pick up a few things I’m pretty excited about. Check out my next post to see what I got and how I ended up using them!

Do you buy used furniture? Would you decorate with “commercial” items? Where do you find unique furniture and accessories?

Decorate Royally,

J. Clarice


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