How I Organize for Less!

Ready to see what I bought Royals?

Nothing makes me happier than having a place for everything and keeping everything in it’s place. I don’t know if that makes me organized or slightly OCD, but regardless I need order in my life! The latest craze in bathroom and makeup organization is acrylic boxes and containers. They were catapulted into the spotlight by the first family of reality television- The Kardashians. Immediately, everyone was trying to get their hands on the custom made makeup storage boxes seen in the bathrooms of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Regardless of how I feel about that family circus, I have to admit that I loved the concept and thought they looked beautiful.

Now you would think these would come cheap…No ma’am! They’re around $300 each!! You can find some sketchy ones on Ebay for about $100, but that’s still a bit steep in my opinion. And even if you are willing to drop the $300 on one, you won’t be getting it anytime soon. They’re back-ordered for months. So when I was at Bloomingdale’s and they were selling various acrylic containers and organizers in their going-out-of business sale, I decided to snatch them up.

I saw them sitting  lonely and dusty on a table, and they hadn’t been priced yet. So I found an associate and asked them how much would they charge. After five minutes of debating and silent praying on my part, they agreed that they would sell them to me for $1 – $5 each!! One of the associates said she wanted to give them all to me for $15 because “they weren’t worth much”. Little did she know! I grabbed up all the ones I wanted that weren’t cracked, scratched up or stained. Below are some pics, prices and how I’m using them at the moment.

Great place for my bangles...Got it for $1!!

Holds my MAC lipsticks/lip glosses/concealers. Paid $1

Jewelry holder for bracelets and watches. $2

Haven't decided what I really want to put in these yet, but I love them! Maybe I'll use these in my office. $3

Makeup Tray $4

I got a few more, but I just wanted to show you some of my favorites. What do you think? Didn’t I get a good deal?! What are your favorite ways to organize? Leave a comment below!

Live Royally,

J. Clarice


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