Product Obsessions: Nails Inc. London + Giveaway!

Hello my Loyal Royasl!

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this, but I’m OBSESSED with nail polish. I think I mentioned it before, but I have around 80 bottles and counting. As I was planning out my outfit for an upcoming wedding this Friday and my birthday coming up in March, I started thinking about possible manicures. Now in my opinion, a woman’s nails complete her look. Which is why I can’t stand ratty or un-kept digits. My outfit for the wedding is this 1980’s vintage dress I got from Eclectic Gal Boutique with the most gorgeous draping. I seriously thought about not wearing something so eye-catching, but I thought, “Hey…I run a fashion blog. I can be over the top!” The one I’m wearing is made out of a sheer-like chiffon, has draping the ENTIRE length of the sleeves and hits about midway my calves. I’ll be cinching it in at the waist with a wide structured belt and adding gold accessories.

NOT my dress, but the closest thing I could find...

To compliment it, I want a matte navy blue manicure like the one below:

In my search I ran across Beyonce’s manicure in her first pictures out-and-about since giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy:

I wouldn’t wear it with my dress on Friday, but my birthday outfit is certainly in need of a punch of color! So I’ll be wearing that or their increasingly popular magnetic nail polishes that contains iron powder. When the magnet that’s included in the cap is placed over the nail, a hidden pattern comes to the surface (see featured picture above). As cool as that looks, I became fixated on her nails when I saw them and just had to track the color down. Making it’s debut at Sephora this March, the electric blue is non other than Nail Inc.’s ‘Baker Street’!

While on the Nail Inc. website, I ran across COUTURE. And that (plus the color ‘Baker Street’) is what created the obsession. Their COUTURE line is basically this nifty idea where you can completely customize a nail polish. You get to choose any color, add a cap of your choice, name your shade and personalize your luxurious gift box with gorgeous stickers! I love the idea and thought it would make a great gift. I actually went through the process of creating 3 different shades/designs before I realized they only ship to the U.K. *sadness*I named them: Loyal Royal, Uptown Urban & J.Clarice! Each one was BEYOND…Just look at the many ways you can customize the bottles!

Since I can’t giveaway a COUTURE Nails Inc. polish (my original idea). If I get 27 comments saying you all would like to win ‘Baker Street’, then my MARCH BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY will be a GO! So leave a comment below and let me know what you think!! Would you rock a daring cobalt blue nail polish like Beyonce did?


6 thoughts on “Product Obsessions: Nails Inc. London + Giveaway!

  1. ” Now in my opinion, a woman’s nails complete her look. Which is why I can’t stand ratty or un-kept digits. <— One of the most important statements in this post, and what's sad is that this is often overlooked.
    Nail polish adds a new dynamic to ANY outfit! It turns it up a notch (supremely if you choose to go rad with a crazy color or design) or it will complete it (if you do a "tamed" color) by adding more finesse to your ensemble.

    I change my nail polish on my fingers every week! It keeps things interesting in my world because I've got a growing love for color expression…. admittedly like you I'm becoming a nail polish junkie lol. It doesn't help having a supplier's store 3 mins away from my house that sells O.P.I. for $6 and Essie for $5.

    This week I'm trying a pastel green with a coat of O.P.I silver shatter over it (it took me months to sum up the confidence to try this color), and I've got so many comments on how much it's liked. YES I would most definitely slap on the cobalt blue, I dont have that yet in my growing collection.

    Thanks for spreading the word on nail expression :-)
    "I would like to win Baker street" TeeHee ^_^

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