Friday Fashion Crush: Emma Watson

No doubt you know today’s FFC Royals!

Her fashion influence stretches across many waters, and this little lady has solidified herself as a person who not only gets copied for her style, but her hair too! Over the years we’ve watched Emma Watson transform from a spunky little girl into an fashion icon. Successful in both the acting and modeling arenas- She’s been a muse for the luxury fashion house Burberry and the leading lady (Hermione Granger) in all of the Harry Potter film series. And to top it off, she’s just so darn cute! Style-wise, I never really paid attention to Emma until she chopped of her hair. Her boyish crop has become one of the most requested haircuts in the US. The short cut brings edge and surprisingly draws  more attention to her sense of style and her feminine features. I guess that’s why she’s the latest face of Lancôme. They probably knew that because she was born in Paris, fashion and beauty were elementary to our dear Ms. Watson.

Happy Friiiiidaaaaay,

J. Clarice

So what do you think about Emma Watson style and haircut? Do you think she’s FFC worthy? Leave a comment below!!


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