How I Stole a Pair of Shoes

I have to testify Royals!!

This weekend, I went visit my boyfriend/go to a wedding and just so happen to have enough time to stop by DSW. Instinctively, I went straight for the clearance section to check on the price of my shoes. You see…I’ve been watching a rose colored pair of Sergio Rossi leather sandals for about 7 or 8 months now. I spotted them last summer and right then and there put my faith on them. I literally said, “These are my shoes. No one is going to buy them and so DSW is going to mark them down!” Every couple of months I would visit my shoes and the price would be a little lower. Fast forward to today and I’ve moved to an entirely different city, but I hadn’t lost the faith! However, I haven’t been able to stop by and visit my shoes in MONTHS.

So why has it taken me so long to get these shoes if I wanted them that badly? Umm…I didn’t want to pay $20o that’s why! It’s not as if they’re a classic pump that can be worn with anything. They’re pink, dainty and pretty much a spring and summer shoe. So I waited. And waited. And waited.

BUT today, the price was finally just where I wanted it and even better than I had hoped for. I picked up my Sergio Rossi ‘Ilaria’ leather pumps for the grand total of $35!!! That’s CRAZY, right?!?! They were %80 off of $199.94 minus my $5 birthday rewards discount. What’s even crazier is that on the official Sergio Rossi website, they’re selling the same exact sandal in white for $399! And that’s actually at 40% off!! Yeah it’s safe to say I STOLE THEM. The numbers don’t lie:

Original Price                                        $559

Current Sale Price (40% off)              399

DSW Price                                                  200

Clearance Price                                         40

– $5 Birthday Rewards

= MY FINAL PRICE of                  $35

**Pics of my miracle shoe below, lol.

Have you ever gotten a deal so good it felt like you stole it? How much was it originally and what did you get it for? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!!

Walk Royally,

J. Clarice


5 thoughts on “How I Stole a Pair of Shoes

  1. Haha i think its safe to say they got owned!!! Can’t come betweeen a woman and her shoes, thats true love right there. At an 80% discount?!? It was meant to be :)

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