Friday Fashion Crush: Victoria Beckham

Here comes the weekend Royal!!!

Thank God for Friday! This week’s FFC has a sense of style that reaches up and slaps the fool out of you!! Victoria Beckham’s eye for fashion continues to go unmatched by many. We won’t even get into her ridiculously hot husband or adorable children. Didn’t she have four kids?? Yet everything fits her dwindling frame to a tee. This is a woman who never leaves the house without looking put together. I’m slightly jealous that she’s so short and petite that she can wear heels even on the soccer field and it be accepted. Victoria is also one of the few people who can make black look crisp and chic. And if for no other reason than she believes in wearing heels through the airport (like me!), I have a HUGE fashion crush on her.

Most of what you see on the runway is in no way meant to be worn in real life. So I love that her signature is: wearable high fashion. She’s definitely mastered her “look”. Which implies what I try to tell people all the time. Fashion is a learned art form. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s great it you have a natural inkling for it, but honestly, even a fashion disaster can turn themselves into a fashion diva. I don’t know if you remember her Posh Spice days, but…I tell you what I want, what I really really want…is to FORGET THEM! They were filled with shiny tube top dresses, tons of hairspray and splits on the thigh. But now Victoria Beckham has finally lived up to her stage name…

“POSH” [posh] -adj

1. Smart, Elegant, or Fashionable; Exclusive

Happy Friday,

J. Clarice


3 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Crush: Victoria Beckham

    • I really did cut my hair in college to look like hers! Took the photo in and said, “I want my hair like this.” -lol. It was a really versatile style…shortest I’d ever had my hair though. Sometimes I miss it! Have a good weekend.

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