Your Ultimate Guide to M.A.C. Foundations

It’s a brand new week Royals!

Now I know you’ve seen my “COMING SOON” banner, talking about the foundations. Well here is my first installment! Maybe you’re new to foundation or just having a bit of difficulty finding the right one for you. I’m here to help you figure out what direction to head in. I’m going to start off this series with one of my favorite department store foundation brands: MAC. The reason why I love MAC foundations is because they have one of the widest ranges of foundations and formulas for ALL skin tones. From the most porcelain to the deepest of skin tones, MAC certainly has a foundation for you. Here is an overview of their most popular foundations, but I urge you to stop by your local MAC counter and have an artist help you find the perfect one.

Studio Tech Foundation

The Price: $30

The Lowdown: Studio Tech Foundation is perfect for normal to dry skin. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few foundations from M.A.C. that works well for people with dry skin. If you have oily skin, this foundation is not the one for you and you should definitely steer clear. You’ll end up looking like an oil slick!

How to Apply: Spray M.A.C. Fix Plus (or any setting spray) onto the face and use a buffing brush (like the MAC 109) or Sigma Beauty’s more affordable option (the F05) ::Click banner to the right to purchase::

Tips: Forget the sponge that comes with it  because it absorbs too much foundation and you’ll end up wasting most of your product. Waste not, want not!

Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation

The Price: $30

The Lowdown: This is a light to medium coverage foundation that is easily build-able if you have areas that need attention. Good for normal to oily skin, this foundation will need to be set with a powder if your skin is on the oilier side. Also note that the Pro Longwear line runs a bit darker than the others.

How to Apply: I personally use my fingers to apply this foundation. I find that the warmth from my fingers really helps it to melt into the skin and give a natural finish. However, it also works well with a foundation or stippling brush. I’ve also heard that products like the beauty blender work well with liquid foundations, but I personally haven’t tried them yet. But trust and believe I will!

Tips: Built for extreme temperatures and conditions, this foundation is perfect for events like weddings, proms and events that you need your makeup to last for up to 15 hours!

Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation 

The Price: $30

The Lowdown: Not a friend to oily skin, this foundation is better for normal to dry skin types. If you love mineralized foundations, but hate to use powders, then this is the foundation for you. It also has an SPF in it, so it’s great for those of you who need extra protection on top of the moisturizer (with SPF) that I knooooow you already use. Sun damage is no joke folks! Protect yourselves.

How to Apply: Buff this foundation into the skin using a buffing brush (like the MAC 109) or Sigma Beauty’s more affordable option (the F05) ::Click banner to the right to purchase:: No MAC Fix Plus needed!

Tips: Because this is a mineralized foundation, it’s bound to have some sort of “flashback”. That is, when you’re taking pictures, the flash from the camera will give a white ashy look to wherever the foundation is applied. So bottom line is…Steer clear of this foundation if you know that you’ll be taking pictures.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation

The Price: $27

The Lowdown: The Studio Fix Foundations have a more yellow undertone to them, so if you’ve been having difficulty and find that the M.A.C. foundations run a bit “red” for your skin tone, try these. This foundation is oil-free and great for oily skin types. It gives medium to (build-able) full coverage.

How to Apply: See Pro Longwear Foundation above^^

Tips: This line oxidizes quite a bit after applied because of the setting powder that’s built into the formula to give it a satin finish. This basically means that as the foundation sets onto the skin it dries a bit darker than the shade you see in the bottle. My suggestion is to try the foundation out first and where it for a little to make sure it dries to a color that matches your skin.

Studio Fix Powder Foundation

The Price: $27

The Lowdown: Great for darker skin tones, this foundations comes in a great color range and is great for oily skin because it’s a powder foundation.

How to Apply: Apply with the sponge applicator of your choice for full coverage or with a brush for a lighter finish.

Tips: If you have oilier skin, take care to frequently change sponge applicators. If you continue to re-dip your dirty sponge, it will cause a shiny “seal” to form across the top of your foundation. It won’t be ruined, but you will have to scrap off the top layer to get to your foundation again.

Face and Body Foundation

The Price: $33

The Lowdown: Considered a “must-have” among makeup artist, Face and Body is great for those who want a really versatile foundation. Keep the foundation in a cool dark place and shake well since it tends to separate. Water-based and water-resistant.

How to Apply: Apply it lightly for a natural finish or work it into the skin for more coverage. The more you work the foundation, the thicker it becomes. How cool is that?!

Tips: Great for photo shoots and when you need to apply foundation to other places than your face. And the best part? It won’t rub off on to clothes!

Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

The Price: $33

The Lowdown: Great for normal to oily skin, this line was made work with most skin types and adjusts to the undertones in your face. It’s neither too “red/pink” or too “yellow”, which many of the MAC foundation lines tend to be. Because it’s made to work with the oils of your skin, it keeps a fairly matte finish throughout the day which makes it great for oily skin types.

How to Apply: See Pro Longwear Foundation above^^

Tips: This foundation line is numbered very differently from MAC’S regular NC and NW shades. These are labeled strictly as numbers and range from 1 to 10.

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

The Price: $30

The Lowdown: A gel-based foundation, this formula is quite thick and is great if you’re looking for a heavy full-coverage foundation due to discoloration or bad acne scarring.

How to Apply: I would suggest using a sponge applicator for this foundation or a synthetic brush to get a more even coverage.

Tips:  Steer clear of natural bristle brushes because they will make this formula harder to work with and soak up too much product.

Do you use any of the MAC Foundations? Have you in the past? Which one’s do you love or why have you stopped using them? Comment below if you’re new to MAC foundations and this helped you out!

Face the World Royally,

J. Clarice


3 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to M.A.C. Foundations

  1. I know this is like a year old….BUT IT WAS SOOO HELPFUL! I am definitely buying the Face and Body bc I have tried it and LOVED how light and natural looking it was. But, I need a real foundation like medium coverage to be flawless. I think I am on the fence about the Pro LongWear and the Match Master….hummm. I think I am going to go get samples tomorrow lol. Thanks again for the clear breakdown!

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