How to Fake Cute When You’re Sick

Feeling a little under the weather Royals?

Well join the club! Sorry for the lapse in posts this week. Yesterday I had a full day of routine doctors appointments, and today I find myself stuffy and glued to the bed. And you know what’s crazy?! My boyfriend sends me a text while I’m knocked-out and face burried in the mattress that reads, “I’m sick.” Now I know what you’re thinking, “They gave this to one another…” But we haven’t seen each other in almost two weeks!

Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of a (short) long-distance relationship is we can’t nurse each other back to health. Anyway, I’m sitting here thinking I need to run to my local Publix around the corner. And as much as I want to go looking the way I am (with a bead-head ponytail and fuzzy housecoat), I don’t want to scare away little children. So I thought it may be nice to write a post on how to fake alive cute when you’re sick. To your health! *raises cup of tea*

Rest Royally,

J. Clarice

Tip #1: Add The Color Back into Your Face

No matter what skin color you are, right now you’re washed out and sickly looking. But if you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is wear a mask of makeup on your face. First off, you don’t have the energy for all that and second your nose is probably raw and you’ll just blow it away in a tissue anyway. And third? Well…You just feel too bad to care! Applying a bit of self tanner or cream bronzer to your face and neck will give your skin a glow (and take some of the “zombie” out of your face).

Tip #2: Conceal Redness

Normally when you’re sick; your eyelids, under your eyes and around your nose get a beautiful red rash color….(pause). So a light creamy concealer will help to diguise a raw nose and puffy red eyes. This will even out your skin and make it less noticable that you’re feeling under the weather. If you’re headed to school or work, take some with you to reapply throughout the day.

Tip #3: Set Everything in Place

If you’re running to the store, I suggest skipping this step. That’s just more for you to take off later. Also if you’ve failed to use moisturizer, please skip this step. A flaky nose covered in powder isn’t the look you’re going for. But whatever you do, use a light hand. You can’t erase the sick off you completely, but you can tone it down so that people don’t avoid you like the plague and run away screaming.

Bad Hair Day?

As far as hair is concerned, you probably don’t feel like doing it. If your hair is oily but you can’t bring yourself to wash it, try a dry shampoo to tide you over and make it through your roughest day. In a pinch, baby powder or cornstarch rubbed into your roots can absorb some of the oil and add volume. My suggestion is to go with a ponytail (keep it low for a corporate setting). If you’re not going anywhere special, the ever popular messy bun is a great option. Feel free to use gel, mousse or styling cream to tame your strands if need be.

::Disclaimer:: I’m not a doctor, so check with your primary physician before trying any new supplements or herbs

Here are some additional Health & Wellness things I do to prevent/speed a cold along…

Airborne- This stuff really works!! I prefer the chewable pill form in Berry flavor.

Vitamin C– Usually I take this to keep my immune system up. I’ll take about 3000mg if I encounter someone who’s sick or when I feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on.

Zinc- Immune System Booster

Hands OFF– Your face that is. Get in a habit of not touching your hands to your face and you’ll significantly reduce the number of times a year you get sick. Your eyes, nose and mouth are the gateways to your body.

Clean it Up– Make sure all cosmetics and makeup brushes have been disinfected after every use and refrain from dipping your hands into any of your beauty products. Scoop it out with something instead.

Let it Run- Never stop a runny nose if you can help it. That’s one of the ways your body rids itself of infection. When you take something to stop the faucet dripping from your face, you’re trapping the germs in your body….

Feeling under the weather? What do you do to fake cute when you’re sick? Got any home remedies??! We want to know! Feel better and leave a comment below!

Wash Your Hands- You’d think this goes without saying, but I’m gonna put it in here anyway just in the off chance someone has been living under a rock with internet access and a computer….*side eye* WASH YOUR HANDS!! And frequently!


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