DIY: Blinged-Out 3D Cell Phone Case

I’m backkkkkkkk Royals!!!

I know it’s only been less than a week, but I feel like I haven’t talked with you guys in FOREVER. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and I’ll be doing a post on that as soon as I get the pics back. Today however, I want to do a post on my new phone case that took me about a day to make. I’ve wanted one for a long time and decided to buy the materials and make one as a birthday present to myself. By the end of the day I was covered in industrial glue with an achy back and crossed eyes, but it was worth it!! I first learned about blinged-out 3D phone cases from YouTube almost 2 years ago. Companies like LuxAddiction sell theses cases on average for about $79.95. Yeah…Eighty bucks. And the price has actually gone down!

After doing one myself though, I can see why they charge so much. It’s really pain-staking work. This trend is by no means new and started in Japan. Deco den (short for ‘decoration denwa’- ‘denwa’ meaning ‘phone’) is the Japanese art of gluing a bunch of adorable 3D stuff to your cell phone and various electronics.The cases here in America are normally covered in Swarovski crystals, roses and other items depending on the theme or what you like. A Hello Kitty theme is very popular and I was tempted to do that one, but decided to go with a flower and butterfly theme. Below are some pics of me making the phone and the finished product.

My chunky jewelry pieces are encased in real sterling silver and some of the stones (like the turquoise in the butterfly) are real. So if I had to estimate a value for my case, I would say around $250 + if I had someone make it for me. I love DIY projects and I had so much fun with this! It probably would have been an even more pleasant experience had I stopped to take a break (lol), but once I get into my “arts and crafts mode” it’s hard to get me out!

Industrial Strength Glue- These embellishments aren't going anywhere!

Sanding the case to give the glue a better surface to stick to.

Playing around with placement...

What I actually went with. Almost done with the back!

Done with the back!!


The Front!!

So how do you think I did? Do you like my blinged-out birthday case? I encourage you to start doing DIYs too!! They’re fun and you get to make things that are one-of-a-kind…just like you!

Originally Royal,

J. Clarice


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