Beauty Subscription Review: Julep Maven

Happy Weekend Royals!

If you’re like me, then you love getting surprises in the mail. So all of these monthly beauty subscriptions that are popping up have really pique my interest. Whether you’re into beauty or fashion, there’s a subscription for you. I’ve briefly mentioned them in the past, but I personally plan on trying them all and providing you with a review.

Now I originally heard about Julep through YouTube and was instantly intrigued because it’s a monthly nail polish/ nail care subscription. And you all know how I feel about nail polish! So when Self Professed Product Obsessed wrote a post about signing up this month for only A PENNY ($0.01)…I just knew I had to try them out!

After signing up and doing a quick online assesment, I was told that my style was ‘Classic with a Twist’. Yep…Sounds about right! The two colors that were chosen for me were a soft pink neutral named Jennifer and a sheer shimmery purple named Brooke.

What is Julep Maven?

For $19.99 a month, you’ll receive over $40 worth of trendsetting polish colors and cutting-edge treatment products each month customized in a gift-able Sneak Peek Box. Each Sneak Peek Box features new, never before released colors and treatments first to you, before anyone else. As a Julep Maven, you’ll receive 20% off all purchases and FREE shipping. Each box also comes with a surprise and delight element- Receive additional membership perks throughout the year.

My Verdict: 

I can say that shipping was super fast and their customer service was great also. Along with my nail polish, I received a nail file and their Glycolic Hand Scrub. It did make my hands softer, but I probably will have to use it longer to see if I really love it or not. While I think the concept is great, I honestly feel like Julep Maven is way over-priced. All of the nail polishes on the website “retail” for $14 each. And given what I experienced with the formula, I’m not impressed. I can definitely say I prefer OPI, China Glaze and many others over this brand. I think maybe if I could individually choose my colors, instead of them being in “sets” I would like this better. Unfortunately, I didn’t think this was worth $20 a month and cancelled my subscription. Please be aware that you will have to call in, but they were very nice and I was able to cancel without any red tape. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing like trying it for yourself. If you put in the code: MARCHINTRO this month, it will only cost you a penny (shipping’s free)!

Shop Royally,

J. Clarice


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