Call Me “Zsa Zsa”: Life on the Farm

Ever seen ‘Green Acres’ Royals?

No one would believe that my parents own an organic farm in Alabama. During my break before law school, I thought I’d head down and help out on around the farm. Today the Veterinarian from Tuskegee University came and serviced all our goats. So in my tangerine tango sundress and chunky statement necklace, I slipped on my Nike’s and volunteered to help. I learned so much and I dare say…I had fun! Guess I’m a semi-country girl after all! If you’re ever passing through Lake Eufaula on your way to Panama City, stop by their organic fruit stand and take a tour of the farm. My parents are extremely proud of their 3rd generation farm and would love to show you around! Check out the pics below!!

Ebony...Little Billy's best friend and partner in crime

Left to Right: Rocky, Mercedes & Aussie (a.k.a. The Three Musketeers)



I've been helping to set-up Rosie L.'s Country Store- Named after my late grandmother Rosie Lashley-Stanford

Green Houses


"Little Billy's" first check-up!

Baby goats!!

Clipping their hoofs.


Keeping the goats safe while the Vet's working on them...

This is how you determine if they have parasites or not...ewww!

Little Piglets



We Have Free-Range Chickens!! (Well this is a Rooster

He thought food was in the concrete bag...smh

"Little Billy"- My favorite goat!


So what do you think of the farm? Are you surprised?? (lol) Isn’t Little Billy ADORABLE?!! Leave your comments below!


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