Trend Alert: The Caviar & Louboutin Manicure

Ready to try something new Royals?

I personally LOVE both of these trends and plan on trying them at some point this year. The first trend is called the “Caviar Mani”. It works on any nail length and is really easy to do! It’s basically the process of applying two coats of nail color, then sprinkling micro ‘caviar’ beads on your nails. I think it’s crazy cute and even if the trend scares you, applying it to one nail would still be oh-so-chic!

The UK nail polish brand Ciaté, which will be available soon at Sephora in the US, is launching new kits in April! Kiss and Makeup reports that the beads will be offered in three colors: black, white, and multi! I don’t like the taste of caviar, but these manicures look delish!

This next trend caught the beauty world’s attention when Adele wore it to this years’ Grammy’s. What’s better than a pair of Christian Louboutins? Why a Louboutin manicure, of course! I think this look is extremely clever and the only downfall I can see is that not everyone has long nails. Now of course you can cheat- but I’ve sworn off acrylic nails FOREVER, so I’ll just have to baby my nails for a couple months and pray they don’t break. To get this look, paint the top of your nails whatever color you like and apply a candy apple red underneath! I think a classic black and red combo would be out of this world.

So what do you think of these two trends?? Would you try them out? Leave a comment below!

Photos: Courtesy of & Kiss and Makeup


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: The Caviar & Louboutin Manicure

  1. As previously mentioned, I’m a nail fanatic, I’m always trying new colors and designs (although I havent been so creatively blessed in that department). I love BOTH trends, especially the caviar mani). Cant wait to get my hands on that.

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