BREAKING NEWS: Little Black Bag Subscription

This just in Royals!!

Part of my job here on Uptown Urban is to keep up with what’s going on in the beauty and fashion world. Today I learned about a new monthly subscription called Little Black Bag from none other than the fabulous Elle Fowler and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Of course I went through the motions of creating a style profile and I have to say I was impressed! After you create a profile you’re given almost 200 products to choose from. There were handbags, clutches, necklaces, earrings, makeup, home decor and electronic accessories (just to name a few). The brands were awesome! I had several BCBGeneration bags to choose from. Here are some of my favorite items from the website and my thoughts on the subscription.



The Process

  • Take style quiz.
  • Confirm personal style.
  • Browse almost 200 items to choose from.
  • After choosing your ONE guaranteed item, TWO SURPRISE items will be chosen for you by a stylist.
  • Purchase your Little Black Bag for $49.95 (10% OFF Coupon Code below)
  • Your  TWO surprise items will be revealed along with their value and the total retail value of your LBB.
  • Ship your LLB as-is or start TRADING! You have SEVEN DAYS to trade before your items will be shipped.
  • Once satisfied with your selections, stop trading and have everything shipped!
  • RETURNS: You have 30 days to return (unused and tagged items) for a refund or a credit that will be applied to your next LBB.


  • MANY, MANY items to choose from!
  • The brands and quality look awesome.
  • Your satisfaction seems to be top priority. You have the option to trade, receive a credit or get a refund for the items you don’t like.
  • It’s the only subscription that feels like you’re really shopping. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, trading is sort of fun and helps you to connect with other LBB subscribers.


  • I personally did not like the two surprise items the stylist picked for me.
  • I’m finding that the trading process is a lot more time consuming than I’d like.
  • You have to choose your 1st pick quickly. If not, it might not be available. There’s only a quantity of about 5-10 of each product at a time. It’s like a free for all and items sell out in a flash.
  • The Price: $49.95 a month isn’t cheap. It’s more than I  would like to spend, but if I can get what I want…It might be worth it. Key word being IF. I’m still trying to get a grip on this trading thing.


All in all, I think it’s worth a try. The majority of items they have are stupid cute. Did you see that stuff up there?!?! But like I said before, I’m not keen on spending that much a month. I think it would have been awesome to choose just one item at say….$19.95 a month. If you’d like to try out Little Black Bag, make sure you enter coupon code ELLELBB to receive 10% OFF your first order.


Shop Royally,

J. Clarice


7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Little Black Bag Subscription

      • LOL!!! You want to know how this all started? Birchbox opened my subscription today. From there I went over to TestTube Beauty and then Little Black Bag…smh I should be ashamed! But I’m not! lol Have you tried Glossy Box? I can’t wait until it hits the US.

      • So far, I’ve only subscribed to shoemint and jewelmint. I’m afraid that if I subscribe to all these stuff, I’m going to forget about “skipping” and get charged hundreds under my nose… @_@
        Omg… thats a lot of subscription services. By the way, what is your job, if I may ask? :)

  1. No, I don’t mind at all! I’m so disgusted with the job market in the U.S, that I’ve decided to go to law school. I’ll be attending this fall and can’t wait! During the summer I plan on enjoying the last bit of free time I have w/ family and friends. Then of course there’s my blog :-)

    Oh I feel you on all these subscriptions…I’m going to have to make a billing calender to keep track, lol.

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