Amusement Parks: What Do I Wear?

Things are heating up Royals! No doubt you’ll be heading to an amusement park sometime soon. And anyone who has been to one will tell you that being properly dressed can mean the difference between a fond memory and a nightmare. I remember the time I wore jeans to an amusement park and ended up on a water ride. Let’s just say the 2 hour ride back home was wet, cold and miserable. So learn from my mistakes and let me help you!

LOOK #1: Roller Coasters

  • MAKEUP: You’ll be soaking up the sun, so plan accordingly. Wear sunscreen and leave the makeup to a minimum. I’m talking fill in your brows, a coat of non-smearing mascara and a swipe of tinted lip balm. IF you must, buff a long-lasting tinted moisturizer into your skin. Don’t have one? Make your own! Take a 24 hour makeup like Maybelline Superstay and mix equal parts of an oil-free mattifying moisturizer.
  • HAIR: This probably isn’t the best time to wear your hair down. You’ll be looking in every reflective surface you pass trying to fix your hair. Wear a sexy ponytail and spice it up a bit with a few well placed braids. Crazy, Sexy, Cool!
  • CLOTHES: Roller coaster riding is normally an all day event. You need an outfit that not only keeps you cool, but can carry you from day to night without weighing you down. Wear shorts that hit around mid thigh with a tank and a thin short sleeve (cotton…it breathes!) shirt. You’ll be glad you did!
  • COLORS: Avoid black (attracts/holds heat) and white (attracts dirt). Why not use this opportunity to wear bright hues or patterns? It’s chic and will help your people spot you in the crowd.
  • BAG: Fanny packs aren’t stylish or sexy, so don’t even think about taking one. Opt for a small shoulder bag that rests across your body instead. It’s still hands-free, but way more chic.
  • SHOES: You’ll be walking all day. So keeping your feet happy is imperative. WEAR SHOES THAT ARE EFFORTLESSLY COMFORTABLE! Leave the flip flops at home. Nothing kills a thrill ride faster than having to maintain a death grip with your toes to keep your shoes from flying away. Wear sneakers or sandals with a strap. Forget trying to be runway cuteYou’ll be cursing those espadrilles after an hour.

LOOK #2: Water Parks

Water Park
  • MAKEUP: Keep everything in place by using all waterproof makeup and cream based products. It never ceases to amaze me the scores of women who wear tons of makeup to the water park only to have it all wash off in the first wave pool they come in contact with. Maybelline makes great waterproof eyebrow pencils, eyeliners and mascaras! If you have to wear some type of blush or foundation, use cream based products because they tend to resist water the longest. I suggest trying to find a waterproof concealer in your exact shade to cover up any acne scarring or discoloration. Last but not least, swipe on a lipstain to keep your pout perfect for hours.
  • HAIR: You’re hair is getting wet- Guaranteed! Most water parks are chlorinated, so whatever style you wear it’s best to give it a good rinse with fresh water BEFORE you expose it to the chlorine. This will help to block the harsh chemicals from being soaked up into the pores of your hair. I love to wear two french braids to water parks. It keeps hair out of your face and in a style even after it gets wet. Make sure to pack a cleansing shampoo and extra moisturizing conditioner for later!
  • CLOTHES: Go ahead and wear your bathing suit underneath your clothes and keep it cute. A bathing suit that fits can mean the difference between a great time and a world of embarrassment! Pick a bathing suit top that securely holds your *ahem* girls and bottoms that don’t ride up every 2 mins. It’s hard to look cute while constantly digging around your hind-parts. Make sure that any ties are knotted and secure.  I suggest wearing slip on dresses or jumpers in thin airy fabrics. They’re easy to slip on/off and will dry quickly.
  • COLORS: Keep colors bright and sunny. Remember that white will show everything you’re wearing underneath and may pick up the color from your bathing suit if it hasn’t been washed enough.
  • BAG: A small duffel or drawstring athletic bag is great for the water park. More than likely they’ll have lockers for you to store your things away, so make sure your bag will fit. If changing clothes is in order, bring a large plastic bag to store your wet clothes in. Stash travel sized shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and face wash/wipes in a ziplock to avoid a spill.
  • SHOES: Water-resistant flip flops are a must. Textured both underneath and inside the shoe will add stability on slippery surfaces.

What are your must-haves and tips for going to the amusement park? Are there any products or items that always make your trip more pleasant? Learn anything new? Leave a comment below!!

Play Royally,

J. Clarice


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