Review: Beauty Army Monthly Subscription EPIC FAIL

Review time Royals!

Unfortunately, this one was greatly disappointing. I was reminded about Beauty Army from Elle Fowler and decided to go ahead and sign-up on March 14. Initially, I was drawn to Beauty Army because you have the ability to pick all six of your deluxe samples. Compared to the other monthly beauty subscriptions, that was HUGE for me and was worth the $12. However, that excitement quickly died when I never received my order! Not one to dismiss a company over every little mistake, I contacted Beauty Army on March 21 and let them know I hadn’t been contacted with my shipping information. UPS tracking number, anyone? The next day, Rachael, a Customer “Success” Manager replied,

“Thanks for the email. I looked into your account and I noticed that there was a slight delay at our warehouse with your order. I am investigating further to make sure it never happens again but I have confirmed your order will ship tomorrow.

I thanked her for her quick response and waited…..

On March 29th, I sent them another courtesy email stating that I still hadn’t received my shipping information or my box. I let them know why I choose to sign-up with their company and shared my concerns about the issues. I even asked to confirm my mailing address. Now mind you, they had already taken the $12 out of my account on March 14. On March 30th, the Director of Social Media Marketing and Customer Success, Nancy-Lee wrote back:

“I have personally partnered with the Shipping Manager and would like to explain exactly what has happened to your Kit and provide you a few options.

As Rachel stated, unfortunately your Kit was not constructed when you placed your original order.  And when your Kit was being built, our fulfillment crew noticed the CellCeuticals CerActive was out of stock and pulled your Kit to offer a substitute product.  Doing research I noticed you were not included in the Sample Substitution email and I offer my sincerest apologies for this additional mistake.  I would like an opportunity to right these wrongs and build your Kit, myself, with not only a replacement sample but I would like to include the brand new Indie Lee The Body Lotion, which is a 2oz size in Lemongrass.  Or I can offer you a refund, your choice.”

I thought her timely response and solution was fair and I decided to pick my samples and continue with my subscription. I really did love their concept and wanted to review them for YOU my Loyal Royals! After a WEEK of not receiving a shipping confirmation and Beauty Army not being able to follow through with their promises, I was fed up. So on Friday, April 6th I sent them this email:

Although you all have been quick to respond to my concerns with emails, I have yet to receive the actual product. I feel I have been more than patient with your company.The greatest threat to many monthly beauty subscription seems to be either bad customer service or shipping issues. It’s unfortunate for me to say this, but I feel I have no choice. I hate giving bad reviews, but I’m obligated to give my readers my honest opinion and experience. I cannot in good conscience recommend Beauty Army if you all are not able to live up to your word….that would reflect badly on my character. Regardless of if you have shipped my Beauty Army Box or not, please refund my money and cancel my subscription. 

-J. Clarice

 Of course they HADN’T sent my Beauty Army box yet, so they refunded my money and Nancy-Lee, the Director of Social Media Marketing and Customer Service sent me this pathetic response,

I am very sorry to see that you have still not taken delivery of your Kit.  I have processed a full refund and canceled your Membership, per your request. If you have any questions, please contact We’re always on the front lines of beauty for you”

That first sentence in her email is insulting. She states it as if she had nothing to do with the fact that didn’t receive my Beauty Box. Did she not say in her last email that she would PERSONALLY build my kit and (I can only assume) see to it that it at least gets shipped??

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Although they have a great concept , it doesn’t mean anything if you never receive the items that you picked! I guess in their eyes, my reach (influence, voice…) wouldn’t be heard like Elle’s, so they allowed me to fall through the cracks time and time again. It’s hard for me to believe that they would have allowed her to have such an experience. I’m sure they wouldn’t want her 700,000 + subscribers to know about it! However in my eyes, no customer is more important than the other. So if I had to, I would give Beauty Army 1 out of 5 stars. Subscribe at your own risk. With Beauty Army, you never know…You could order your products and then they go AWOL.

Have you subscribed to any beauty or fashion subscriptions lately? How was your experience? If you had any issues, how did the company handle them? Leave a comment below!

Shop Royally,

J. Clarice


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