DIY: Soothing Cucumber Eye Pads

Happy Humpday Royals!

Uptown Urban-ites (Like that? I made it up, lol) are the “Seen and Be Seen” on the weekends. And all that socializing can leave a girl looking tired! Now we’ve all heard about using potato and cucumber slices to de-puff our eyes, but who really feels like doing all that chopping and dicing?! And unless cucumbers and potatoes are part of your regular diet, they’ll just end up going bad in your refrigerator. Here’s an easier way to have soothing cucumber eye pads available at any time.

Step One: Juice ONE Cucumber. These cucumber pads are natural and without preservatives. I would suggest not juicing more than one cucumber at a time…It will make more than enough.

Step Two: Place cucumber juice in a bowl, dip cotton pads in the juice and squeeze out the excess.

Step Three: Take a baking sheet and cover with wax paper. Place dipped cotton pads on baking sheet and place in the freezer.

Step Four: Once frozen, remove cotton pads from wax paper. Place frozen cucumber pads in zip-lock bags. Lay them out so that they’re not touching and will be easy to remove when you need them later.

Step Five: ENJOY! Anytime your eyes need soothing, remove two pads from the freezer and let them thaw out for about 5 mins on a plate. Place them over your eyes, sit back and relax. Being a socialite is hard work! ;)

Isn’t this so much easier? What do you do to de-puff? Leave a comment below!

Relax Royally,



2 thoughts on “DIY: Soothing Cucumber Eye Pads

  1. Great tip! I was just looking for natural eye soothing pads and came across your article on the internet. I didn’t want to buy all that processed crap. Thanks- :)

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