Friday Fashion Crush: Jennifer Lopez

Waiting for tonight Royals?

It’s the weekend!!! And what better FFC to get you in the party girl mood than the daring Ms. J.Lo herself? If you need inspiration for all things glitzy, flashy and glamorous…then look no further. There’s plenty of inspiration below! I’ve always been partial to Jenny from the Block. ‘On the 6’ is still a classic when getting ready and I’ve LOVED (such an understatement) every single Rom-Com she’s ever starred in. As a matter of fact, lately I’ve preferred her acting career over her singing! She’s way beyond the average Hollywood triple threat: She sings, dances, designs clothing, stars in blockbuster hits AND judges on American Idol! I don’t always agree with her choice of co-star (Errr…about this new boy toy back-up dancer), but regardless she’s a leading lady in her own right. She embraces her curves, continually pushes herself into new territory and does it all in impeccable fashion.

Happy Friday,


She made this dress almost as famous as her!


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