Friday Fashion Crush: Scott Disick

Changing it up this week Royals,

Let me just say, I can’t stand Scott’s personality. He’s extremely corny and a complete *ahem* well you know…on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. By the way: Did you know the Kardashian clan signed a 3 year, 40 MILLION DOLLAR contract recently? Lord help us all. *thinking out loud*  Hmm…I wonder if Kanye will get any of that money? [pause] Now I have to admit, when their show first came out I found it highly entertaining. Bu now it’s hard not to deny that it’s the mother of all “Fake Reality Television”. However, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is- Why didn’t I notice until recently that Scott has some seriously sick fashion sense?? Him or his stylist…One of the two! He wears a suit unlike any man I’ve ever seen. He’s not afraid of color, scarves or the occasional Hermes belt. I guess that just goes to show you that looks aren’t everything. I couldn’t see his amazing outfits for his nasty attitude. My advice to Scott? Keep the “i” and “s” firmly planted in your last name (you’ll get that one later, lol), so people can see what great style you have! I know every man isn’t willing to rock his style, but they could pick up a few tips!

Royally Surprised,



2 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Crush: Scott Disick

  1. The guy definitely needs some recognition. Even if he doesnt put his own outfits together, it takes a lot to wear them with the confidence that he does, so he DEFINITELY still gets props.

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