Obsession: Michael Kors Watches

I’m back Royals!

And boy am I glad I wrote that letter the other week…I was completely thrown out of commission! No worries though, I’m well on the road to recovery and already full of inspiration. And by inspiration, I mean shopping FEVER! My birthday money has been burning a hole in my pocket since March now and I’ve really been thinking about what I want. The list isn’t too long, and very high up on it is my very first Michael Kors watch. I’ve been stalking them for about two years now and I think it’s about time I made the plunge.

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Go ahead and buy it already if you want it THAT bad.” You’re right. It’s just that I feel kinda bad paying almost $300 for a piece of glorified arm candy. No doubt the watch is worth it. It’s made impeccably well and the weightiness is luxurious all in itself. But for me, it will never be used as a watch. I, like so many of my generation, use my phone to tell time. I never look at my watch. EVER. Most of my watches have batteries that are well past expired.

Another option I’ve explored is buying one used, but in great condition. I could save anywhere from $100-$150. The only delimma with that is: Can I find the one I want? What type of condition will it be in? Will it be authentic? And the most important question of all…How long will I have to wait?!?!?! I’ve made up in my mind that I have to have one, so you already know I want one NOW. Go ahead and ask anyone who knows me. When I’m determined to get something, there’s no stopping me.

So here are the watches I’m looking at. Weigh in and tell me what you think. If you have a Michael Kors watch, tell me about it! Happy with it? What DON’T you like about it?

{First From Left: Michael Kors ‘Large Layton’ Chronograph Watch $250}

 The ‘Large Layton’ is a change from the other solid gold MK watches that I tend to see around. I love that it has roman numerals and the larger face. It will go with everything because it’s gold and that’s basically all I like to wear now. I don’t necessarily want one that’s encrusted, so that’s another plus.

{Second From Left: Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch $250}

This two-toned rosegold/gold ‘Bradshaw’ Michael Kors watch is DIVINE and the one I’m seriously leaning towards. I’m into rose gold now, and this will give me the versatility of wearing both metals. And because rose gold and gold aren’t too far from each other, maybe I won’t get tired of it. The rose gold adds an extra touch of femininity. I think this is so different. I haven’t seen one like it!

{L to R:  Michael Kors ‘Runway’ Grey Mother-of-Pearl Watch $225// Michael Kors ‘Garret’ Chronograph & Crystal Watch $275}

I know I said I don’t care for encrusted watches, but this MK ‘Runway’ Mother-of-Pearl watch is breathtaking. Ultra feminine and oh-so-chic! Who doesn’t like a little glitz every now and then? But will I be able to tolerate it everyday? The ‘Garret’ is just a crazy beautiful menswear inspired watch. I wouldn’t dare get it as my first, but definitely as my 3rd or 4th ;)


Splurge Royally,



3 thoughts on “Obsession: Michael Kors Watches

  1. This post struck home for me, because I have been THIRSTING for one of these puppies since Christmas. Was oping to get it as a gift, and since that didnt pan through I’m thinking of rewarding myself with one at the end of the summer grind. I wear a watch everyday, and I most definitely use it to tell time (it’s rude to pull out my phone while seeing a client or in class lol, but I’ve always had a watch since 4th grade so it’s habit)…. and it makes such a statement, I’m ready for my first BIG GIRL watch as I blossom professionally ^_^

    I’m leaned more to he black faces though. As I was setting up my reward list this morning I was literally justifying whether I should drop $300 on a watch… or put it towards a trip instead… still working that one out.

    For whatever reason, I see you with the Large Layton or Runway’ Grey Mother-of-Pearl. I can picture one of those flowing with the essence of Clarice.

    • “Thirsting”…LOL!!! We’re kindred souls indeed :) I think you should get one…Especially since you’ll end up using it for what it was intended for, lol. #time

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