How to Wear It: Peplum Skirt


I think a peplum skirt is so adorable and girly right now! I’ve created two different looks just to spark inspiration:

Look #1 is definitely bold and perfect for a night out with the girlfriends. Pairing a high-waist peplum skirt with a cropped tank is not only chic, but oh-so-daring! Keep the show of skin to a minimum by picking a well fitted cropped tank that shows no more than about 2 inches of skin ABOVE the belly button. It’s a lot more tasteful that way. I paired it with studded Sam Edelman peep-toe pumps to give it an edgy Rhianna inspired rocker-chic vibe.

Look #2 is more conservative and great for the office or any social gathering. The floral shirt adds a beautiful extra something to an already feminine theme. Tuck it into your peplum skirt for an hour-glass silhouette. Nude pumps and a structured handbag in a pop color- like green, complete the look.

Accessorize It: A beautifully tailored jacket can really take this look to the next level as long as it falls just right- above the ruffle. A cross-body bag is so on trend right now and will make a wonderful addition to a peplum skirt, basic tank and Tory Birch-esque flats! A fresh spring/summer scent like Burberry ‘Body’ is just the finishing touch this alluring ensemble needs.

Love the PEPLUM SKIRT? How will you/do you wear it? Leave a comment below!

Trend Royally,

J. Clarice


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