Trendy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

HOT LIST- Mother's Day Trends

Looking for a last minute gift for mommy dearest Royals?

I’ve got you covered! I was thinking about how I could approach this gift guide in a different way and it “came to me” (my mother’s phrase, teehee). Your fashion, beauty and style is almost always influenced by your mother. Even if you’re a man, you probably admire women who have a similar style to the woman who raised you. Growing up, I remember thinking my mom was bold and “eccentric” for sporting red lips and nails any given day of the week. She’s not afraid of color or patterns and dresses to the beat of her own drum. My mother was wearing turbans long before anyone knew who June Ambrose was!

I for one am shocked at how my style has been influenced by my mother. As a matter of fact, she often raises eyebrows at some of the things I put on. Being a fashion and beauty blogger, I’m always updating her on the latest trends. Recently for her birthday I bought her a pair of Ray-Ban inspired wayfarers that she absolutely LOVES. Our mothers have given us so many tips and trends over the years; why not return the favor? I’ve compiled a small list of my favorite trends this season. She’ll love being hip and “in the know”.

  1. Neon Clutch- Neon is so in right now it’s not even funny. A structured clutch is an easy way for her to incorporate these eye-catching colors without being overwhelmed or feeling juvenile. If you think she’s game, a skinny belt would be a great addition to her sundresses or slacks.
  2. Beauty Blender – This makeup sponge is infamous for creating a flawless finish. Update her basic cosmetic sponges and bring her beauty regimen into the 21st century. Looking to really hook her up? A set of professional brushes will make her think of you every day she applies her makeup. Sigma Beauty has a great selection of affordable high-quality brush sets.
  3. Tribal Print- I love this trend and it makes a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Why? All the colors of course! She’s bound to have the shoes and accessories to match.
  4. Mint Nail Polish Pastels are super hot right now. Why not give her a gift certificate for a pedicure tucked away in an array of this season’s hottest nail polishes? Pick pastel colors she would never think to pick out for herself.
  5. Chain Link- I’m obsessed with chain link jewelry (as you will soon see). A chunky necklace, bracelet or both will look fabulous in her favorite metal or material. She’ll get tons of complements and be able to dress it up or down.
  6. Birchbox Beauty Subscription No matter what your mom loves (beauty products, jewelry, shoes, nail polish) there’s a subscription you can get her. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving! Many companies have 3, 6 and 12 month packages. I chose Birchbox, because out of all the one’s I’ve tried, they’re my favorite so far. And only $10 a month!
  7. Color Block Shoes- Color blocking is a fashion must. She’ll be walking on cloud nine in a gorgeous pair of color blocked sandals or pumps. And depending on how many colors are in the shoe, she’ll find ways to wear them time and time again.
Get any ideas? What are you getting your mom for Mother’s day? Leave a comment below!

Appreciate Royally,

J. Clarice


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