Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Inspired Fashion

I couldn’t leave out my all-time favorite show Royals!

I’ve been in love (and watching!) Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning. Tonight’s 2-hour season finale will be one for the books. Apparently, someone significant will be killed off the show. How? A plane crash! Despite that grim reality of modern day travel, I still love to fly. So in honor of tonight’s epic finale, I created two looks for comfortable and stylish airport travel. See how I tied that all in? #genius

Look #1 is comfortable and airy. You can dress it down with flats like I did here or dress it up (like I do…I’m E.X.T.R.A.) with stand out heels. A long necklace that can be slipped off easily at security completes the look. Look #2 has a preppy cardigan that’s perfect to slip over a t-shirt during those chilly flights. Loose fitting jeans keep you comfortable in a cramped cabin and red high-tops look stylish when you slip them off at security.

So who do you think they’ll be killing off the show tonight? My vote would have been for Kepner, but it looks like it will be Arizona. Oh how I wish it could have been Kepner…I can’t stand her character. I STILL blame her for Derek getting shot! Leave a comment and discuss below! “Like” if you’ll be watching it tonight too!

Travel Royally,

J. Clarice

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Make sure you tune in to watch the SEASON FINALE of Grey’s Anatomy TONIGHT  at 9PM ET on ABC!

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