‘SCANDAL’ Season Finale Inspired Fashion

Dirty little secrets always come out Royals,

Today’s “Hot List” is inspired by my new favorite series on ABC called ‘SCANDAL’! I am obsessed with watching this show and was so excited that Kerry Washington was the leading lady. Not only do I have a fashion crush on Kerry’s style, but now I have one on the fictional character she plays! The main character, Olivia Pope,  has an impeccable wardrobe and knows how to accentuate her petite frame in all the right ways. Whoever tailors her clothes is GENIUS. Her outfits always fit her like a second layer of skin.

Although Olivia’s palette isn’t as vibrant as Kerry’s, she still looks incredibly on trend. Her dresses are simplistic, but incredibly detailed. Her jackets are structured, but with a touch of femininity. Her jewelry is minimalist, but not without a sense of purpose. Everything in her closet seems interchangeable and timeless. Anyone who is a part of the corporate world should definitely be wise to take note of her style. It’s the epitome of classic.

I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up and I pray they bring it back this Fall. I will be heartbroken if they don’t! I’m going to go ahead and put my thoughts out there on tonight’s season finale: (a) Cyrus is still getting the side eye. I think he had Amanda Tanner killed and I think he might not be 100% in the President’s corner. (b) The First Lady is definitely in question. She lied about the baby AND I think she co-signed on Amanda Tanner’s murder. (c) Can someone PLEASE fire the new girl! She’s going to get the firm in trouble and I’m tired of her looking confused. I wonder what she’s going to do when she finds out Gideon is dead/dying… (d) I really hope Olivia doesn’t throw herself to the wolves to save the President. Is this one mess she can’t fix? (e) Will Abby just tell Stephen she’s in love with him and get it over with! And how does he not know?!

Do you watch SCANDAL? What are your thoughts on the show and how do you think the season will end? Let’s discuss it below! Leave a comment ;-)

Watch Royally,

J. Clarice

GET THE LOOK: Olivia Pope

Dorothy Perkins navy dress, $35 // Alexander Wang asymmetrical top, $186 // Yves Saint Laurent cotton trench coat, $2,665 //RED Valentino tweed blazer, £225 // Alejandro Ingelmo high heel pumps, $495 // Michael Antonio stiletto heels, $50 // Alexander McQueen leather handbag, £895 //Golden necklace, $2,545 //Han Cholo gold earrings, $70

Make sure you’re tuned in with me to watch the season 1 finale of SCANDAL, titled “Grant: For the People” TONIGHT (Thurs., May 17, 10 p.m. ET on ABC).

2 thoughts on “‘SCANDAL’ Season Finale Inspired Fashion

    • I would be SHOCKED (and ridiculously sad) if Scandal doesn’t come back! It’s too good…And besides, I have to know who Quinn really is!! lol Thank you for the comment!

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