YouTube’s BEST Beauty Gurus

News flash Royals!

It probably comes as no surprise that I frequent YouTube as much as I do blogs. I have come across some amazing gurus and personalities. Here are some Gurus you may not know about. At least that’s what I’m hoping!! So what made me hit the subscribe button? Find out below!


LOL – I absolutely love this chick. She has the best personality HANDS DOWN of any other “Guru”. Watching her videos is like talking to your fun and quirky girlfriend who just so happens to be a makeup fiend. I’ll watch her vids even if I’m not interested in what she’s talking about because I know she’s going to make me laugh. Check out her review of the coveted Urban Decay ‘Naked 2’ palette.


This lovely young lady is such a joy to watch! I absolutely love her makeup looks and the quality of her videos. They aren’t unnecessarily long and they’re great for taking your makeup application skills to the next level. I also love that she interacts with her viewers. Every time that  I have commented on her videos, she’s always responded. Even if it was just to say thank you. I think that’s awesome considering the amount of viewers she has! This video below may have been done for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s perfect for everything from Date Night to Girls Night Out!


Miss L Bailey is the perfect blend of fashion and beauty. And then to top it off, she’s just too cool. I love her attitude and immediately felt kindred to her shopaholic spirit. Watching her videos also motivates me on my hair and nail length journey! Her style is edgy, bohemian, glam and OH-SO-FAB! Make sure you check out her blog too!


This girl is AMAZING! She lives at the North Pole. Yes, the same one as Santa Clause! She has the most bubbly and thankful personality. Her makeup videos are more like movie productions than home-made videos. How great is she? Well just ask NYX…They just named Charisma Star as the winner of the NYX Face Awards!! She loves God and she loves makeup. This is THE ONE to watch Royals! Check out THE BEST makeup tutorial production I’ve ever seen in my entire life:


These two sisters are absolute perfection. Based out of the U.K., they are considered some of the foremost authorities in the makeup community. Watching their videos will surely show you why. As a matter of fact, Samantha has a fabulous line of affordable professional makeup brushes that you can easily pick up at ULTA. She actually uses them quite frequently in her videos. Even a seasoned makeup artist could learn a thing or two from these ladies. Check out one of my favorite videos below.



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