Friday Fashion Crush: Mila Kunis

Cheers to the Weekend Royals!

How about we go see a movie? I’m thinking ‘TED’…Which just so happens to star today’s FFC, Mila Kunis. If anyone is #winning this week, it’s Mila. She’s on the cover of ‘Glamor’ and has a box office hit in theaters. But more importantly: She’s nailed the sexy “Girl Next Door” look. She never fails on the red carpet and when she’s milling about town, you’ll catch her embracing comfort.

I personally have always thought that Mila was gorgeous (I have a thing for the dark hair/light eyes combo). What makes her irresistible though is that fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ladies take a tip from Mila….Confidence is always sexy. Her comedic versatility and good looks have kept her on the big screen since the ’70s’ (the show not the era, lol). There’s no doubt she’ll be around for years to come. Check out the pics below and ‘Ted’ playing in a theater near you!

Laugh Royally,




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