I’m In Love With T.J.

We all have “THE ONE” Royals,

For me that place is T.J. Maxx. For some reason, this store never lets me down! After leaving my ENT doctor yesterday (Tonsillitis…bleh…) I just had to stop by my favorite store and take a peek. I had nothing in particular in mind, so I went through my normal ritual. Handbags…bath and body….shoes…and last but not least home goods.  I think that’s what I really love about T.J. Maxx , I can get everything I need without sacrificing style or budget!

Anyway, I only got two things but I’m in love with them both. The first is a coffee/tea mug. I’ve always wanted to own an assortment of cute mugs. And yesterday I picked up my first! I’m OBSESSED with owls now that I know they’re not evil (my mother told me they were when I was little…). I think owls are too adorable! And this mug makes me smile ;-)

This next find has a little history behind it. My Mother and I saw this a couple months ago in the clearance section and she fell in love because it’s one of her favorite colors (hunter green) and it reminded her of a Hermes Kelly Bag. This bag is a complete mystery to me. It’s wonderfully made (great leather inside AND out…fabulous stitching and hardware) yet, it has NO NAME!! I’ve looked everywhere on this bag and all it says is “00815” on the backside of all the gold hardware. What gives?! Sometimes a trip to the Maxx can yield the strangest things…

 See??! No markings ANYWHERE! If you know who makes this bag, let me know!!! Have you gotten any good deals lately? What’s YOUR favorite store?? SPEAK YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW! :-)


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