How to Wear Sheer Tops

I’ve always loved sheer tops Royals,

I just haven’t always known how to wear them!! Recently, I fell back in love with this obsession after a trip to T.J. Maxx. I snatched up two  high-low sleeveless sheer button downs and a FABULOUSLY gaudy (TRUST…there’s a difference) Versace inspired open-back tank. All of which were $12.99 each!  You can find my ‘No Arm Done Button Down’ by Sans Souci {HERE} for $13 in the stripe shown below or in solid black. The two that I found at T.J. Maxx were in a lovely sea foam green and playful blush pink with black polka dots. I absolutely LOVE them and you can’t beat the price! How cute are the 3 buttons going up the back?! I think it gives it a nice tailored edge.

Pair it with distressed denim shorts (above) or a flattering pair of skinny jeans like the model did below:

It’s versatile! Tuck it in or out:

Tips to pulling off a sheer top successfully:

  • Wear the right undergarments!!! A strapless bra in a complementary color gives a more modest look than just wearing a regular bra. These from Urban Outfitters are perfect:


Black or nude (depending on your skin tone) will look good under almost any sheer top. If you want a bolder contrast, try pairing a hot pink strapless like the one above under a blush pink shirt. Orange looks great paired with yellow, green with blue or mint and red goes fantastic with pink or orange.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable and confident! Headed to the family picnic? You might not want grandma to see that much skin. Instead of a strapless bra, opt for a fitted tank instead! Buckle has 115 different color tanks to choose from for $12 (or less)!

Wherever you choose to wear this look, BE CONFIDENT! If you’re not comfortable showing a little skin, people will see RIGHT THROUGH YOU. *Pun intended*  But if you love rocking this look like I do, then GO YOU! There’s nothing like being TRANSPARENT with your love of fashion. Ok, ok…(hehe) I’m done ;-)


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