Fall Update + Upcoming Giveaway

How about a giveaway to start of the school year Royals?

I thought there could be no better way to start this season’s posts, than to give away free stuff! My forced mini hiatus has left me refreshed and full of ideas for the fall. Although my computer was dead as a doorknob, my hands were working just fine. I have a nice little pile of inspiration in front of me via magazines, books and my personal look-book. I absolutely adore Fall fashion. Now if someone would notify the weather, I’d be forever grateful!

Here in the South, we’re still enduring the sweltering heat. However that has no impact on our stores, who are quickly trying to sell off summer’s fashion to make way for fall. It’s a great time to get your summer 2013 wardrobe in order. I know what you all may be thinking: “How can I buy for next summer a year in advanced? I won’t be in style!” Oh on the contrary my friends.

Tip: Always take advantage of end of the season sales. Just remember that you’re not looking for trendy pieces You’re looking for wardrobe staples! It’s a fabulously smart way to save money. Now you’ll have more than enough money left over to add those current accessories, colors and pieces to your closet when that season comes back around. Genius.

Now on to the giveaway!

I know that it’s hard to feel good about yourself when your skin if giving you hell. Great skin is the foundation to looking your best! It’s the largest organ on your body and the first thing people see. So I couldn’t do a giveaway without including the Murad Acne Complex Kit. It eliminates blemishes and soothes inflammation to restore healthy, beautiful skin. It kit includes a clarifying cleanser, exfoliating acne treatment gel, skin perfecting lotion and an acne spot treatment. Valued at $36!

Next you’ll get some of my back to school MUST HAVES. Emergen-C Immune Plus System Support with Vitamin D. Nothing spreads faster than knowledge around a school than the cold/flu. Keeping an immune system supplement on hand like Emergen-C or Airborne is CRITICAL. I’m just happy they don’t taste bad. I love the citrus!

And last but not least, you’ll get a MYSTERY GIFT worth at least $20!! Makeup or accessories for the ladies and electronics for the gentlemen.

Come back MONDAY (8/20) to ENTER!


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