Organize Your Nail Polish Like A Pro

It probably comes as no surprise that I looooooove nail polish! I’ve been painting my nails (and others) since Elementary school. As a matter of fact, I have nail polish on my nails at ALL times. I used to think my nail polish collection was huge, but checking out some ladies on YouTube taught me otherwise. I have 90 bottles of nail polishes and I rotate about 60 on a regular basis.

What prompted me to do this post is I picked up something at Sally’s that I have been dying to get my hands on- Color wheels!!! You get a pack of 10 that have 18 nails just waiting to be painted! It runs $5.99 and is a MUST-HAVE to any nail polish addicts collection.

Originally I thought their sole purpose was to help me decide what color to wear and practice my nail art, but it’s so much more than that! It taught me what colors I have that are similar (too many) and the ones that I need to round out my collection (pinks, light neutrals & metallics).

Next on my list of MUST-HAVES is an acrylic nail polish rack. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay and many private websites. They’re not dirt cheap, but I think they’re reasonably priced for what you’re getting. It’s crazy that something that was traditionally only seen in salons, has made it’s way into everyday homes. I love this trend!

My ultimate goal is to turn a room in my house into a boutique style closet with commercial-style display cases and chic decor.

Here are my other tips on how to make these organizational tools work for you and your collection:

  • DO have a plan. If you have a lot of different brands of nail polish, it may be best to organize your collection by color instead of brand. If you only buy 2 or 3 brands of the same polish, visually it will look more appealing to sort them by brand.

  • DON’T feel pressure to buy a rack! There are several tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to make your own for a fraction of the cost. Or maybe your collection is too large/too small to fit into the standard 90 bottle rack. Making a customized display to fit your specific needs and decor is a great DIY project!

  • DO separate your nail polish collection a head of time so that you can finish your color wheels as fast as possible. If a polish could be considered a hybrid (say green and blue), consider putting it on BOTH the green and blue polish wheels. That way if you’re looking for a specific color you won’t overlook that option.

  • DON’T overlook easy storage solutions like this stack-able container from Target. Not ready to invest in a $40 rack? This option is ten times better than throwing them in a drawer. Keep them stored upright in a cool dry place and they’ll last you forever! TIP: Has your nail polish gotten old and sticky? Invest in some nail polish thinner so that you’ll never have to throw out an old bottle again! NEVER use nail polish remover. It may work that one time, but it’s designed to break the nail polish down and will ruin it.

  • DO label your color wheels as you go so that you know what each swatch is. Otherwise you may not know how to locate it in your collection. You can use a numbering system or write out the entire name on the back of the wheel in permanent marker. Do whatever works for you!


3 thoughts on “Organize Your Nail Polish Like A Pro

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  2. I have about 150ish, I’m not sure whether to store by colour or brand.
    I have about 40 Barry Ms, but then others just have 2-3 of the same brand and some 8/9!
    Help me – colour or brand?!

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